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My mother will celebrate her 60th birthday in a few weeks. Since I'm afraid a regular present will not suffice this time, I am looking for an entertaining birthday-game. The party will consist of approximately 15 people, and it's going to be a rather sedate round so drinking games might not be the appropiate answer. Thanks in advance.
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Try this site.

I think it would be fun to do games like Bingo with your mom's name ("I've got MARION!") or puzzles of pictures of your mom, etc.
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You might try playing Cranium. It's like Trivial Pursuit on meth and steroids. Plus, there's play-do!!
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15 people is a bit much, but those "How to Host a Murder" dinner party games are always fun. Okay, maybe not always. But usually.
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We had a lot of fun at a party recently playing Scene It. It seemed weird to have a party that involved watching a DVD, but it turned out to be lots of fun. It's great if people in your crowd enjoy movies and trivia type games.

Check out the "Play it" tab on the webpage and you'll get a good idea of how it works.
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My family tends to play a lot of "balderdash", which basically consists of:

- one person takes the giant dictionary off the shelf, and picks a word everyone else is likely not to know. s/he announces it to the group and spells it, but doesn't offer the definition.

- everyone else writes the word and a made-up definition on a piece of paper, and passes it to the first person. while that's happening, the first person writes the word and the actual definition on a sheet of paper.

- when the first person has collected all the papers, s/he reads the words and definitions to the group, and everyone has to guess what they think the real definition of the word is. The correct definition is then revealed. If you guess the correct definition, you get two points. If someone guesses your incorrect definition, you get one point.

- you then pass the dictionary off to the next person and go around the circle till everyone has had a turn picking a word.

There will be a lot of giggling, if you're lucky.
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If you're mostly sitting around eating cake and sort of talking but also sort of looking for something fun to do, I've had luck with these:

- "I Never" - you can do this in the musical chairs way as the link says or just start tossing out things you've never done and try to be the only person who can say "I never...." about some one thing. This can be as racy or as tame as your guests.
- "Eat Poop You Cat" - I don't know where the name comes from. It's like playing telephone except with a limited amount of drawing. People can do it and talk at the same time and you wind up with some fun little mementos of the evening.

Please feel free to examine these unfun party games as an example of what NOT to do. This thread also had some good recommendations.
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