Where can I find the chords to the song "Jeane If You're Ever in Portland"?
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Where can I find guitar chords to the song "Jeane If You're Ever In Portland" by Casitone for the Painfully Alone?
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I just watched this with my guitar: Jeane If You're Ever in Portland

Seems to me there are no changes - they're playing C G Am F over and over again.
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The little lead part is like so:

E ----5-7-8------5-7-8------5-7-8------5-7-8------5-7-8------5-7-8------5-7-8-----5-8-7
B 8-----------8-----------8-----------8-----------8-----------8-----------8-----------8-----------

And sometimes the notes are doubles, i.e:
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I'm hearing C G Am F too, but on Twinkle Echo it's a half step higher, so if you're playing along with that recording you'll want to either tune your guitar up a half step, use a capo, or play the C# G# A#m F# as barre chords.
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For future reference, it seems that most all CFTPA songs are C G Am F or some permutation thereof. I haven't heard them al, but as I recall every single song on Etiquette goes like that.
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the first thing i thought on seeing your question was, "why not email owen and ask him..." it's a small, one-man operation and guy's incredibly sweet and open.
his public email addy: casiotonetechsupport@gmail.com
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