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Hi. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the true (ie as per in the album) chords are to KC & MW's 'The Angels Came Down'?

I've been trying to look for a cover of the song to no avail. I have experience as a singer and an amateur drummer (and the piano -albeit mediocre) but none whatsoever on the guitar. I'm thinking of picking it up, and The Angels Came Down is the first song that I hope to learn. If anyone could be of help, I'd be very grateful.

Thank you!
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Here's a start:

Even if that's wrong (I'm sure it is!), you can probably use it to get close on your own. Not that it matters too much. Even knowing what chords you're dealing with, there are a bazillion different fingerings for any given chord, and they all sound a little different.

I assume you've seen, which is loaded down with stuff on transcribing. Work through the beginners course. By the middle of that you'll know enough to pick out a lot just watching a video of a live performance...
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I've never heard this song before, but you picked a good first song! It's got the kind of chords in it that sound hard to play because they're musically complex, but are actually much easier than the straight majors and minors. (They're also the secret to every Big Star song ever. Shhhh!)

First, start with an open G chord (the second diagram there), and make sure your pinky is on the high E string and your ring finger right above it on the B string, both on the 3rd fret, and KEEP THEM THERE FOREVER AND EVER while you play the rest of the chords that follow.

Keeping those two fingers there, take those other two fingers up there at the top and move them to an Em position for an Em7/B (fourth diagram). Then back to the G for awhile, then Em7/B again, then move your index finger down for a Dsus4 (first diagram), then back to G.

Fiddle around to get the timing right, but that's the whole first section right there.
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