Can anyone help me out w/ the guitar chords & tuning used in this song?
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It's called 'Empty Handed' by Michelle Branch. What tuning/chords are used, or what is a reliable website I can use to find out?

I tried youtubing it, but realised that the version played wasn't accurate at all, and there is only one video out there of Michelle Branch playing it acoustically:

Thanks everyone.
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The google search 'Empty Handed' by Michelle Branch chords turns up lots of answers, including this one.
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Looks like the first two are Dmin and G.
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I don't have my guitar handy to try out the tuning, but this version from looks promising...

If that's not what you're looking for, here's another potential option.

Good luck!
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I'm pretty sure it's DADGAB, not DADGBD, because you can hear the high A ringing in the fourth chord but she doesn't appear to be fretting it in the video. EKStickland's second link is the closest one as far as I can tell.
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I have sheet music for "Empty Handed." The tuning is Double Drop D, DADGBD. This set of tabs on the Ultimate Guitar site is more or less right, with two corrections: the refrain ("If you're losing sleep" etc) uses the same D7 G C9 G9 pattern as the verses and the chords over the bridge are D Csus2 G D.
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