Metal solos in A Minor pentatonic?
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I've been learning to play metal guitar for the last couple months, and my guitar teacher asked me to bring some tabs with (preferably relatively easy) lead parts in A minor pentatonic scale. Any recommendations?

Note: I like death/black/thrash/heavy/doom metal, not Sevenfold Fingers of Death For My Valentine or whatever the kids are listening to these days (on my lawn, no less). Old hard rock/proto-metal is welcome, though, as long as it's heavy. Triple points if you can come up with something from Bolt Thrower. Thanks!
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Cenotaph, by Bolt Thrower. Don't know if this is a good song or what. But all you have to do is Google "Band Name" and "tabs." This is a halfway decent tab site.
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IIRC Bringing on the Heartache by Def Leppard is in a-minor. I learned it early on when I was teaching myself guitar (eep!) 26 years ago. It's not overly complicated but has enough to keep your interest.
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Ack. Did I misunderstand the question?'re looking for death/black/etc. metal that is also in A minor. Got it. Sorry. If I were to guess I'd bet a huge number of songs you pick randomly are in A or E minor. If you found 5 good songs I would almost guarantee 2 of them at least would be in A minor.
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Fade to Black's second solo is in A minor and not that fast.
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Best answer: Oh, A minor pentatonic. The Fade to Black solo is in "regular" A minor. Sorry.

Yeah, I think classic heavy metal is where you're going to have to look. There's a ton of Iron Maiden solos in A minor pentatonic, but unfortunately, death and thrash leads are often either not in any key. And if they are, they modulate a lot, and if they do stick to one key, they're in E minor or E minor pentatonic. And they're often fast and frustrating for a beginner.
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Response by poster: unfortunately, death and thrash leads are [...] often fast and frustrating for a beginner.

This is an understatement, that's for sure! Classic heavy metal is just fine.
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Best answer: the Stairway to heaven solo is a great exploration of A minor greatness.
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Best answer: The Wizard by Black Sabbath has a short solo in Am pentatonic, but it might be a little on the fast side for "easy". Bonus points if you can find a friend with a harmonica!
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Response by poster: Thanks, guys! That Fade to Black solo was ideal. I'll work on the rest of these, too.
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