6YO girl BD Present
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Birthday present recommendations for 6 year old girl.

I would love to find something that would get her interested in science, cost no more than $100, and have nothing to do with a princess of any kind. Other cool ideas not related to science also welcome.
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Best answer: EyeClops

Here are some sales.
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How about a rock tumbler? If you go that route, get a decent one with a non-plastic drum since the cheap ones tend to wear out quickly.
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Best answer: Our 7 year old son got the EyeClops for Christmas. It rocks. Even the adults were playing with it.

There are several different Smithsonian or other brand science kits that you can check out. Last year, I gave my niece one with some sort of shrimp critter that she loved.
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My kids have a board game called Totally Gross, the Game. It's not really totally gross, but it's fun.
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Response by poster: I went with the EyeClops. Thank you all for taking the time to make your recommendations!
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Yes, the EyeClops is neat. Especially when it's being displayed on a really big TV screen.
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I used to work there so I know a lot about these books. Although kids can do the activities alone, these books are especially fun for a child and parent to go through together, having some bonding time while doing projects and experiments and learning new stuff.
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I know the original poster is all set, but my girls really liked the Hexbugs they got for Christmas.
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Response by poster: I know the original poster is all set

Actually, I might buy those Hexbugs for myself some other occasion, so thank you.
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A giant box of art supplies. I got one at about that age and it changed my life... gone was my desire to have all the dolls and toys which had consumed my life before, and I spent the rest of my childhood making things.
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When I was 6, I got a Deluxe Spirograph. I had it til I graduated high school, then I gave it to a young neighbor. Creating from those patterns got me in a kind of Zen mode, you know? Like drawing my own mandalas.

Huh. I should get one, myself.
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Oh, oh, correction: The new version is awful. If you can find a classic 1970s version, that's the one to get. But overall, art supplies are great.
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