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Voters rights filter: I am in New York State (Brooklyn). I have moved since the last election, I sent in my change of address form before the registration deadline and it was returned to me unopened today. So....?

Now I want to vote in my new neighborhood (still in Brooklyn) rather than travel to my old neighborhood and hunt down the voting place and get into a long argument with the officials there. Is it not the case that I can sign an affidavit stating that I have moved to my new address? Is there somewhere I can find backup for that so I don't have a long steamy fight with the dummies at polling place (which is right next to my new house). Dammit I just want to enjoy some democracy and then go home and drink an assload of beer and cry myself to sleep.

There is nothing here at the NY State Board of Elections site.

If I have to I will go to the old neighborhood and vote, but I don't wanna.
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You should definitely, definitely call up your board of elections (718-797-8800) and have it out with them. They're really the only ones who can give you the authoritative answer.
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Thanks Unc. I got directed here by the helpful phone voice. Where it says I can vote by affidavit ballot.
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An absentee ballot might be better, Divine--an affadavit might not be accepted during the counts, especially given that you'll be at the wrong polling place according to their records.
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I thought about that, but it requires at this late date a visit to the board of elections office to pick up a ballot, during business hours (of course) when I should be at work. Clearly the whole nonsense of this system is that you are not supposed to vote, so what is already largely a symbolic act in non-swing states is rendered even more symbolic. Because I believe in symbolic acts above all else I think I might just head back to the old neighborhood and vote there, where I was able to confirm that I am registered and just live with that. I'ma vote if it kills me.
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Not to blow this issue up too much or anything, but if you get the feeling you're getting different answers from different people and don't know who to trust you should call your senator/congressperson/etc. Tell them you want to vote for them, but you're worried you will not be able to.

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No I'm fairly happy to trust the good advice of uncleozzy and amberglow, cause they are backing it up with some good ole facts. I am not calling my senator or congressperson because they aren't going to help me, I trust them least of all by default. Plus it's not like I'm going to call Chuck Schumer and he's going to get on the phone with me and be all "make it quick Survivors on." I would just talk to some aide who knows less than I do.
But thanks.
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I think the going back to old neighborhood idea is safest of all. : >
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