What are you going to be for Halloween?
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What are you going to be for Halloween?
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posted by Capn at 8:33 AM on October 13, 2004

A friend and I always talk about doing "Tall Simon and Short Garfunkle", and we might just pull it off this year.
posted by nathan_teske at 8:42 AM on October 13, 2004

My wife and I were White Flight and the Black Menace last year. (We work as a team.) Haven't figured out this year yet; I tend to put it off until well after the last minute.
posted by ook at 8:46 AM on October 13, 2004

I'm with you, ook. I'm a procrastinator too, even though I love Halloween the most.

My wife and I were thinking about Wild Bill Hickock and Calamity Jane (yes, we just finished watching Deadwood). I'm not super pleased by the idea, though, so I'm still searching.

What are your great ideas?
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I may dust off my Hunter S. Thompson costume if I can find the right party to go to.
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Any clever, low budget ideas would be most appreciated.

Here are some ideas that I can't use (since they've already been done in my circle of friends) for you guys...

Low-Income Jedi - get a cheap lightsaber from a toy store, wear a bathrobe, works best as a group.

Girls Gone Wild - get fake plastic breasts and lots of mardi-gras beads, wear a big shirt that can be easily lifted to reveal breats, works best if you're a guy.

Baseball Bat - wear baseball shirt of your choice, make batwings out of cardboard, fabric, whatever, and attach to back of shirt, works best if you're a smart-ass.

Roadkill - requires a cheap fake fur coat that you don't mind ruining - rip it, smear fake blood or red paint, run over it with your car a few times, works best if you're going to be somewhere cold.
posted by MsVader at 9:07 AM on October 13, 2004

A puritan. Or Ann Coulter.
posted by sohcahtoa at 9:14 AM on October 13, 2004

I'm going to be eating the candy when the kids knock at the door!
posted by Smart Dalek at 9:14 AM on October 13, 2004

My S.O. and I are going to a superhero themed party. I'm going to be Procrastination Girl, complete with half-sewn on P, broken PDA and possibly a cape. I haven't decided on the cape yet. My S.O. is going to be the Aluminum Foil, so we have to go to Costco to buy his costume.
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posted by Orange Goblin at 9:27 AM on October 13, 2004

buddy of mind got a box of tampons, and soaked them in blue food coloring, and taped them to his body - he was picasso's "blue period".
posted by notsnot at 9:28 AM on October 13, 2004

Princess Leia. Come and join me!
posted by heather at 9:45 AM on October 13, 2004

Bo Duke.
posted by rocketman at 10:19 AM on October 13, 2004

Last year I attended a party where all were required to dress as a superhero. I went as White Trash Man and nobody could tell I was wearing a costume.

This year I'll be going as an undecided voter in a swing state. PH34R M3!

If MeFi had a Halloween party, I'd get a friend to dress up as chatfilter and I'd dress up as newsfilter. Periodically, a third accomplice in a login/login costume would dump a bucket of manure over the entire party.
posted by stet at 10:24 AM on October 13, 2004

I've always wanted to get a group together to do "Brando through the ages." I'd be the mumbling incoherent Brando of "Dr. Moreau" infamy. Never quite got it together though.
posted by .kobayashi. at 10:33 AM on October 13, 2004

Bunny, The Good Teen Witch, because I'm lazy and all it requires is me dyeing my hair back to blonde.

Although I'm considering sewing a tiny little luchadores mask for my alterego.
posted by Katemonkey at 10:33 AM on October 13, 2004

6' tall me: Mario
6'7" buddy: Luigi
posted by borkencode at 10:57 AM on October 13, 2004

Several years agao, A couple came to a themed birthday party of mine as the French Tickler (beret, blue, horizal striped shirt, and an ostrich feather) and Spanish Fly (balck t-shirt, jeans, fake fly wings, and a pencil thin mustache drawn with eye-liner). Please note, they were not to be confused with other EU themed heroes/propogandists.
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Last year I went as The Dude.

I had this dialogue all night:

Partygoer: What are you supposed to be?
Me: I'm The Dude, man.
Partygoer: Oh, you're a dude!
Me: No, I'm *THE* Dude, man!
posted by emptybowl at 12:33 PM on October 13, 2004

The barista up at Holly's announced that she was going to be
Captain Hooker--wearing eyepatch, pirate hat, hook and ho wear.
posted by y2karl at 1:37 PM on October 13, 2004

Mr Mimi is going as The Phantom of Krankor (from "Prince of Space") and I'm thinking of going as either Dr Pearl Forrester or Doctor Girlfriend. Not sure. Too thin for the former and too plump for the latter...
posted by mimi at 1:38 PM on October 13, 2004

I've always wanted to buy a children's costume (y'know one piece of fabric that wouldn't fit and that bad plastic mask) and wear that.

mostly because I've never seen anyone do it; it's cheap and it would catch people off guard.

i do recall someone making a priest outfit...and then making a small child attached to his feet...and his....well you get the idea
posted by filmgeek at 1:50 PM on October 13, 2004

My wife and I go as Kurt and Courtney nearly every year. I go as Courtney.
posted by psmealey at 2:39 PM on October 13, 2004

I'm going as a tourist:
Black socks and sandals, shorts, t-shirt with my city's name on it, maps and brochures falling out of my pockets, fanny pack, hat, camera around my neck. I think it will be a fun way to walk around taking pictures of people all night.
posted by Coffeemate at 2:47 PM on October 13, 2004

Here are some ideas that friends have done and/or that I would like to do:

- Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.

- a lawsuit and a legal brief (one person wears a suit with legal papers pinned to it, the shorter person wears undies)

- a Wal-Mart Greeter - better yet, a Celebrity Wal-Mart greeter, such as Elvis or Osama bin Laden

- Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. All you need is a red cape and a wolf's mask. If you both wear plain brown, gray or black outfits, you can switch roles all night. Or, if you're going alone, wear the red cape and a wolf hand puppet.

- The Bride and Bridesmaid from Hell. Get some awful dresses from Goodwill. Think taffeta, butt bows, ruffles, crinolines. And shoes with bows on the toes. Both of you
wear dead flowers on your heads and do some baaaad makeup. The bride can cover herself with blood and carry an axe. The Bridesmaid can write things on her dress like "I give the marriage six weeks", or "The bride and I are no longer speaking," or "I hate the groom and I hate this dress."
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The dude form the Kokanee commercials. Anyone in Canada who watched any hockey last year knows what I'm talking about.

"Ding Dong"
posted by sauril at 2:58 PM on October 13, 2004

someone i know is going as chairman kaga.
posted by ifjuly at 9:13 PM on October 13, 2004

Little Bo Peep.
posted by davidmsc at 9:50 PM on October 15, 2004

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