Citroen Ad Video Music
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Can anyone identify the song / tune in this german citroen ad by eurorscg? Would really love to listen to the whole thing.
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The only thing I could find is this, but it is obviously wrong.

Maybe ask the agency directly?
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You can also try
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and, but it seems to be down for maintenance.
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I tried using Shazam on the iphone to identify it, but no luck.
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Thanks for all the help, will see if it's going to help.
posted by iSimone at 1:25 AM on November 18, 2008

"Die Musik stammt von Stephan Moritz und Marc Webster."

Stephan Moritz and Marc Webster are credited as music composers in this London International Advertising Awards xls-file, so I would assume this piece is especially written for Citro├źn.
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