CDBaby or Tunecore?
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Tunecore or CDBaby?

I have already used Tunecore before with no complaints, but is there anyone who has compared both services? Is there a compelling reason to use one over the other? I listen to the CDBaby DIY podcast and it seems like a very sympathetic service too, so I tend to do the next album via CDBaby. I want to use either one to distribute via the usual digital channels (amazonmp3, itunes, emusic, etc.) AND be able to print physical cd's. Thanks for your answers and insights.
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Using CD Baby - very good, but no experience with Tunecore.

Have you tried CreateSpace, a new service from Amazon?
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A client of mine has had good experience with CDBaby. However (as far as I know) you have to start with a barcoded physical CD if you go CDBaby.
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Here is one related thread. I know there are a few others but I couldn't find them. I don't believe TuneCore distributes physical CDs. I currently use TuneCore for digital. I've used CDBaby in the past for digital and physical and I'm not a fan. I don't think you get enough value for what they charge.
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I highly recommend TuneCore.As ludwig_van mentions, they don't distribute physical CDs, however TuneCore is fast, inexpensive and run by really great people (I work in the entertainment biz, but have no business relationship with TuneCore).
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Have you checked out I've been using them for years to distribute my music both Digitally and Physically.
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