Work computer + need for MP3 download = frustration
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Help me find a specific version of a U2 song for download!

On (I think) the Rattle & Hum DVD, U2 does an extended version of With Or Without You. I need to get an MP3 copy of this, but have neither DVD, nor access to any sort dubiously legal download services (work computer). Can anyone help me with this? Warm fuzzies and sunshine beams for anyone who can help me with this.
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Are you taking about the one with snippets from Love Will Tear Us Apart in it?
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Response by poster: Yeah, should have included the extra lyrics I was after. Bono includes a third verse with the following lyrics:

We'll shine like stars in the summer night
We'll shine like stars in the winter light
One heart, one hope, one love

Thanks in advance to all!
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Best answer: If you don't mind the audio quality you could take the youtube version and run it through vixy or vidtomp3.
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Those extra lyrics turn up quite often in WOWY up to the present day. I'm wading through a few different versions on YouTube. It's bound to turn up momentarily.
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Here it is in 1989
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Best answer: There's a concert archive here. If you look through the Joshua Tree era you might find some similar versions. I think the R&H concerts were recorded in Denver, and in fact there's an "awesome quality" soundboard recording and another "very good" recording from Denver available there (look at Leg 3 of the Joshua Tree Tour). I think the one recorded on 11/7/1987 is the concert used for the B&W footage in R&H.

It looks like they're full concerts though, not songs.
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Your lyrics appear in the version of With Or Without You on the MOVIE version of "Rattle and Hum," not on the album.

I love the version you're thinking of, but I don't think there's a pure audio track like it available for legal download. 09scar's suggestion is probably the best.

(There is a method for ripping audio from DVDs, if you're interested, but it's not nearly as easy as ripping audio from CDs).
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How soon do you need this?

I know I have the DVD with this version on it. I have most of their concert DVDs. It's my favorite version. I'm relatively sure it's on a concert DVD (Live in Boston?), and not Rattle and Hum. In any event, let me know and I'll be happy to figure out how to get an MP3 to you, but it won't be until after work, about 5 o'clock mountain time.
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I have a good-quality mp3 of this song, ripped from the Rattle and Hum DVD, that I can email you if you'd like. Just let me know your email address and I'll send it along!
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From one of the world's biggest U2 geeks:

"i don't know that this is the best place to dl a torrent - but the version that person wants is available on an audio rip of the r&h movie dvd. i don't have it on this hard drive or i'd email you the mp3.

there is a similar version of wowy here (not sure it's the movie version),%20Arizona%20-%20Arizona%20State%20University%20Activity%20Center/ "
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Best answer: This would be the version you're looking for!

Uploaded by me two minutes ago.
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Response by poster: Incessant, you rock! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!
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