Can you help me replace my lost earbud piece?
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I lost part of my headphones. Must I replace my beloved earbuds, or can I just replace the lost part?

I have some noise cancelling earbud headphones (similar to these) but somehow lost the squishy noise cancelling earbud thingie - the part that goes over the end of the earbud and into the ear. Searching for noise cancelling earbud thingie has not brought up the best results. Does anyone know if I can just buy and replace the missing part, or do I have to get new headphones? Does anyone know what this piece is actually called? I love these headphones and don't want to replace them if at all possible.
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Look on ebay - I got that part for my sony in-ear headphones for a couple bucks there.
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The tips of IEMs are designed to be replaced on a regular basis, since they are in your ear and get nasty after a while. So, yes, you can buy new ones. Contact the manufacturer.
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The thing you are missing is called a "tip". That should help your searching. They look very similar to the tips used on Shure e2c headphones; those may work.
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when i viewed the link your provided i found replacement tips listed in the items that "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought." searching amazon for "earbuds replacement" returned quite a few promising results.
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Best answer: XSKN sells them.
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If you go to the manufacturer's website, you may find that they sell them there. Even if their prices are high, it would give you a way to identify them precisely for your search.
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As MsElaineous mentioned, go to the source. I ordered a new set for my Sony earbuds directly from the SonyStyle website. I recall paying <$10 and receiving them pretty quickly. In fact, I ended up with a set of all three sizes that, if I lose another, will keep me from having to order again for awhile.
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Yeah, go straight to the source for replacements. You can usually buy several in a pack in case you ever lose them again or they get too gross.
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FYI, XSKN sells the same replacement earbuds as Sony, cheaper, in multiple colors, in the specific sizes you want.
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Response by poster: Thanks. I appreciate the link and will get a couple replacement tips to avoid future mid-flight earbud trauma.
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