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Can anyone recommend a good pet boarding facility in New York City? When in I lived in California, I used a place that let healthy kitties run and around play during the day. I would like to find something similar in NYC (basically a place that doesn't keep the cats locked up in a cage 24 hours/day), but Google is failing me.
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Not exactly what you are asking for, but I recently used Peter's Pet's to board my two elderly cats for a few days. Rather than an actual kennel, Peter has a number of folks all around the city that board pets in their homes. Everyone is fully licensed, bonded and insured, and I couldn't have been more pleased with the communication, professionalism, and customer service. I ended up having a sitter only 6 blocks away from my apartment, and I was able to visit him before making a decision. He had a small apartment which the cats had the run of (with no other animals around to freak them out). The rate was comparable to some of the other kennels I checked out.

Another place I checked out was Paws in Chelsea, which is cageless. I didn't investigate them too much, because they couldn't work with my scheduling issues.
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I have dogs, not cats, but the two places I've used I've been very happy with -- I'm sure if they don't take cats they can rec somewhere that will.

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