How to party like it's 1899?
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Steampunk Party On a Budget? Music, Decor, and Give-Aways.

I have been tasked with creating a "Steakpunk" theme for our semi-weekly event. We'll have some costumed folk but I need music suggestions (beyond Gilbert and Sullivan) and ideas for dressing our stage. It's a small triangular stage with a dark wood back. Ideally, all decoration should be able to fit into a large duffel-bag and be carried across town. Ideally, it shouldn't cost more than 60 bucks. We are willing to construct simple things. I have til Saturday.
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Steampunk Wiki has some music suggestions. I will contribute The Gothic Archies (Stephin Merritt & Lemony Snicket's wonderful collab) and Rasputina.

Instructables has some DIY SP projects.
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Music? Definitely Rasputina. Maybe The Dresden Dolls too.
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Get BoingBoing to sponsor it.
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