How to party like it's 1899?
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Steampunk Party On a Budget? Music, Decor, and Give-Aways.

I have been tasked with creating a "Steakpunk" theme for our semi-weekly event. We'll have some costumed folk but I need music suggestions (beyond Gilbert and Sullivan) and ideas for dressing our stage. It's a small triangular stage with a dark wood back. Ideally, all decoration should be able to fit into a large duffel-bag and be carried across town. Ideally, it shouldn't cost more than 60 bucks. We are willing to construct simple things. I have til Saturday.
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Steampunk Wiki has some music suggestions. I will contribute The Gothic Archies (Stephin Merritt & Lemony Snicket's wonderful collab) and Rasputina.

Instructables has some DIY SP projects.
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Music? Definitely Rasputina. Maybe The Dresden Dolls too.
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Anything from the "Girl Genius" giftshop would make a great prize for competitions. It's a bit late to be sure they'll arrive, but maybe you can fake it.

For decorations you need brass coloured paint and stiff paper or gold tissue paper, and to make a cog shaped stencil. Using the basic cog shape, create a bunch of big and small cogs and apply to the walls, tables, etc.

Broken clockwork from secondhand stores can also be used as decorations. Publish invites to look like they come from the 1800's (black and white printing). You can also decorate with fake posters made from victorian/art nouveau clip art and creative font use, advertising fake products "Dr. Erna Von Geargrit's Patented Steam Lotion" "Pnematic Truss Adjustment Pullies: Manufactured in Germany" "Fedor De Le Tailleur's Bullet Proof Corsets For Ladies & Gentlemen". Guests should have visiting cards and one of your party hosts should play butler/maid (robotic or otherwise) with a cheap silver tray. (White gloves are usually $2 at a pharmacy, while dollar stores carry trays)

Treat bags, of netting and tied up with ribbons and industrial looking bling (or tags with more paper gears glued to them) can be filled with some sort of hard candy. Borrow a humidifier or two and set them up full blast. Munchy/event tables should either be set up to look as formal as possible (bedsheet as table cloth, dollar store or borrowed candlesticks) or like messy work benches. Everything should be stuffy, starched, gilt edged and scrubbed raw or filthy, industrial and steamy.
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Get BoingBoing to sponsor it.
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