Help with German-to-English medical translation
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What does "wegdrückbar" (in a medical context) mean in English?

I am doing a quick and dirty translation of an Austrian discharge summary and the word "wegdrückbar" is totally eluding my attempts to translate it. It appears in this context: "...darüber hinaus sind nur die Petechien eindeutig wegdrückbar." We will be getting an official translation later in the week, but I really would like to go ahead and get this right. Thanks!
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It's an adjective describing something that can be rejected or turned / pushed away.
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I know the non-medical definition of the word; I need to know what it means in a medical context (specifically, a petechial rash).
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"Blanchable." The meaning is that when the skin is pressed, the redness goes away, then returns when the pressure is removed.
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Thanks jedicus! That's definitely it!
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