Give a Dog a Bone...hat.
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I lost my favorite baseball cap over ten years ago on a trip to Europe. I've decided I want it back or a similar replacement. It was a bulldog head over crossed bones like a skull and crossbones. Does anyone know where it's from and, more important, where I can get another?

Seriously, I loved this hat. And although I have no actual proof, I think it got swiped by some drunk sicilians when I was passed out on the train back as I headed north to Austria.

Basically it was a navy blue cap (like a yankees cap blue) with a bulldog over crossed bones. I got it at a yard sale and I've never seen it since. It might be for a minor league team. It might be a one-off. I have no idea.

But if you do I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I know I can always just try to draw it myself and then send it to cafepress to get re-made, but I'd love to get an original one if it's available.
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Not exact, but close.

It very well could have been from one of the many sports teams with a bulldog mascot. Here's a list of them all.
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Also: looks like the Mighty Might Bosstones have a similar logo.
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Response by poster: Hmm. I don't think it was the bosstones. As I recall the head was OVER the bones not ON them. But it's good thought.
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You don't have a picture of yourself wearing it?
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I was just gonna say that: do you have a pic of yourself wearing it?
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