"You will come whimpering to tell [what style of cap this is] to me!"
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What style of hat is Number Two (played by Mary Morris) wearing in this screencap from The Prisoner?

The episode is "Dance of the Dead", which aired in 1967.

It looks similar to a newsboy or fisherman's cap, but with a much fuller crown? It also doesn't have the decorative brim that I associate with a fishermans cap.

This is for a halloween costume, of course, so links to places where I can buy a similar cap would be lovely.
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Best answer: Looks like a pretty standard, poofed up pageboy cap to me. Here's one.
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I think they were often called 'newsboy' caps.
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Response by poster: That's closer than anything I've found so far - I guess I just didn't expect that a wide variety (to me) of different styles would all be considered a "newsboy cap."
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Yeah, newsboy caps leave some wiggle-room in the design with both the brim and the crown, so you'd just need to find one that fits.
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Oops. Just realised you mentioned newsboy caps in the question. But I think that's what it is.
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Are newsboy and pageboy the same thing? Google seems to suggest that they are. I've only ever heard "pageboy", for what it's worth.
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a lot of similar images when I google victorian boys cap
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Adding the search terms retro, mod, vintage, groovy, sixties, hippy (whether or not they're correct) etc. yields results like this.
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