A cheesemonger's cap?
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Looking for a certain type of hat.

I stopped a guy on the street the other day to ask what kind of hat he was wearing: It was a simple, short-brimmed, blue canvas cap with no logos or markings, very similar to an old-timey baseball cap or a "Chairman Mao." He said it was a cheesemonger's cap, but I've searched high and low and found nothing with that name. Any search on google with the combination of "cheese" and "cap" or "hat" returns only the kind favored in Green Bay. Anybody out there know where I could find one or something similar? Ultimately I'm looking for a simple, lightweight, logo-free cap (but not just a baseball cap), preferably with a short brim. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Was it, perhaps, an actual Mao cap?
posted by Bromius at 10:16 PM on May 2, 2010

I don't know about a cheesemonger's cap, but would a patrol cap do? You can find them at your local army-navy surplus store, and the ones I've been in have generally had plain olive, and often navy or black, in addition to the camouflage patterned ones.
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Is it anything like the hat on this guy?
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Best answer: I found a travel blog where a guy visits a cheesemonger and he has on a hat with a short brim. Go halfway down the page.
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Would an umpire cap work?

Some other types to look at might be newsboy, cadet, jeep style, cabbie, cycling, or maybe welding caps
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Aha! Was it anything like this?
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Response by poster: Thanks, Foam Pants! That's the hat! Now where can I buy one?
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