Chapeau Suggestions For Non-Fairfaxian Roundheads.
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HabadasherFilter: What kind of chapeau suits my largish, inverted-egg-shaped head?
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Response by poster: Here's a photo of my head, if that helps. I apologize for my lack of photogenicness.
posted by Alvy Ampersand at 9:27 AM on April 20, 2010

Best answer: Newsboy probably wouldn't look too bad.
posted by jquinby at 9:33 AM on April 20, 2010 [1 favorite]

Fedora. Definitely. Wide enough brim to mitigate the perceived largeness of your head, but not so big that you look like you're trying too hard. Some people hate fedoras and associate them with hipsters. Ignore these people; the fedora is an attractive hat and will continue to be so regardless of passing hipster fashion.
posted by infinitywaltz at 10:22 AM on April 20, 2010

Fedora, seconded. Just not with a pinstripe suit.
posted by misha at 10:29 AM on April 20, 2010

LL Cool J has an inverted egg shaped head and he hid that fact underneath a bucket hat for many years.
posted by cazoo at 11:26 AM on April 20, 2010

With that shirt, an Akubra!
posted by Logophiliac at 11:31 AM on April 20, 2010

Response by poster: Thanks to all for the responses thus far! I'm leaning towards the versatility and casualness of the Newsboy; I'm not sure if I can pull off a full-brimmed hat. Thanks again!
posted by Alvy Ampersand at 11:39 AM on April 20, 2010

What with the nice warm weather lately, how about a panama?
posted by ObscureReferenceMan at 11:48 AM on April 20, 2010

Go to this page and make like Jon Favreau.
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I find it interesting that we can agree that a certain end of the egg is the top. I had to look at the photo to see what you mean but I suppose you are right. FWIW, I think many people look foolish in hats but your head looks "hat friendly."
posted by Morrigan at 3:53 PM on April 20, 2010

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