What is the best resource for pre-sequenced classic rock tracks for use in Garage Band?
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Is there a website or forum where users compile and trade Garage band files of sequenced classic rock? I have a musician friend who is looking for pre-recorded tracks of just the drum and bass for each song, so he can add vocals and lead.
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Best answer: I've bought some AWESOME MIDIs (that convert good in Garageband) from a Japanese site.


Songs are ~$2 each or a subscription program of 5 for $5 every month.

This is a typically horrible Japanese website UI design but they've got thousands of XG-MIDI songs, and basically any rock song of the DX-7 era sounds pretty much indistinguishable from the original.

They say you have to live in Japan to buy but they took my card information fine. I gave them a fake Japanese addresss.

Buying stuff from them would be nearly impossible without the ability to read Japanese but this is something your friend could look into.
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I found webpages full of 70's midis. Hundreds. If you download midi editor like "Anvil Studio," you can isolate the drum and bass.
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