Missing GarageBand loops
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Obscure and specific GarageBand question: What Jam Pack came with files #B548F.caf and #B57AF.caf?

A friend sent me a project but I don't have those two. I've been looking to buy a Jam Pack to play with, anyway, but I'd rather get the one that'd also help complete the project. From the sound of the exported clip, I'm going to guess it's from World Music, but I want to be sure. Thanks!
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hmm. So I have a bunch of the Jam Packs installed because they come with Logic Pro (I don't have World Music installed on my machine though), and the .caf files all have quasi-descriptive names on my system (e.g. Antidote Brass 01.caf, Behold Brass & Wind 01.caf, etc...). I think the #RANDOM_ID.caf names are some kind of internal representation that Garage Band uses to identify referenced audio files because I know I've seen those types of names in Logic before, and I'm not certain it's possible to go from that to an actual audio file name.

If you double-click on the region, do you get any more information about the filename?

Can your friend ID it from the Garage Band project on his end?
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Response by poster: Thanks, zachlipton, you gave me the nudge to pay attention more closely. I reopened the file, and got a series of popups that I swear I didn't see before. I think the difference is this time I told GarageBand to go looking for the files...

Audio file “Acoustic Double Bass #B548F.caf” not found.
Audio file “Vintage Drum Machine #B57AF.caf” not found.
Audio file “Electronic Club Dance#B5705.caf” not found.
Audio file “Classic Rock Rhodes 09.caf” not found.
Audio file “Down Home Banjo 02.caf” not found.

I didn't even know about those other three! So it's a bit worse than I thought. I hope these are in the same Jam Pack, at least. Thanks for looking!
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Best answer: There we go. Logic and Garage Band seem to do the whole #B548F thing as a cop-out when the filenames get above a certain length.

So on my system, there's like 50 "Acoustic Double Bass Groove" loops, all under "Apple Loops for Soundtrack Pro." Any chance your friend has Soundtrack Pro or Logic installed?

There are 95 Vintage Drum Machine loops, also from "Apple Loops for Soundtrack Pro"
248 Electronic Club Dance Beat loops, again from Soundtrack
84 Classic Rock Rhodes, ditto
48 Down Home Banjo, ditto

However, when I Google those full file names, I find this list of GarageBand/Soundtrack Pro duplicate loops. It seems some if not all of these also appear in Jam Pack 1 under different names, so maybe that's the direction you want to go.
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Response by poster: Thanks! Time to go hunting. Don't think I'm quite ready for Final Cut (and it doesn't look like you can get SoundTrack Pro by itself). I appreciate the help!
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