Help me break in to network security
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IT Tech guy seeking more information on how to get deep into network security.

So, I have a fundamental understanding of most aspects of computer systems and networking, et cetera.. and know basic network and system security... but I'd like to really understand it - eventually, the kind of understanding that a security consultant might have. I know this will be a long process, with lots of work, research, and study, and i'm good with that. . . I just don't know where to begin. Any advice on documents, places to start fiddling, white papers to read..?
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I dont work in security, but a while ago needed more security under my belt so I just studied for the CISSP. I believe this is the book I bought. I also spent some time trying popular cracks on my own servers and desktops.
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SANS is the gold standard, without question.
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Best answer: Define the scope better, pick a subject area and become intimate with it. Security isn't just knowing the hot issues with something, it's understanding a specific discipline from top to bottom and then understanding how that discipline interacts with everything else.

If you want to focus on network security, isolate it to a specific topology type: Campus, datacenter, remote user, application networking.

Pick an area to know top to bottom from a real operational sense and then extend out from there.
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Get started with learning the terms. Nothing impresses less when I'm interviewing a "security expert", and he can't tell the difference between authentication vs authorization.
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