Woods, woods all around and not a trail to hike?
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Do you know of any nice trails very close to Milton, NH? Or a good way to find them without great web access?

I'm currently in Milton, NH, right on the border with Maine, for a week's vacation. I'd like to go walking on pretty trails in the woods for a couple of hours, as short of a drive away as possible. I've visited the trails at the New Hampshire Farm Museum, which may or may not be the same as Jones Forest. On the web, I see a couple of places that are very small, and other places that are much bigger, but considerably farther. Jennings Forest is listed on the state parks site, but I don't know if it has much in the way of trails. I don't have great web access. Any ideas where I should go? I've called some of the NH state forestry and parks numbers (I didn't try Maine yet), with no luck.
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Best answer: Mt. Teneriffe Preserve.
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LL Bean, AMC, Both have good knowledge of the area and maps.
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Response by poster: Mt. Teneriffe was very close by, so even though it sounded pretty small in the description, I tried it. It felt bigger than it had sounded, and I had a great walk. Thanks!
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