Rotary Dial Awesome-o Mobile Phone GO!
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I have found someone who can build me a mobile phone out of a rotary dial telephone. But Sparkfun doesn't really have a one-stop shopping list. Help me decipher exactly what parts from this article i will need and also please recommend a good antenna I can use that will give me the best reception but also be cell-phone-tiny.

I will post a link to pics of the product being assembled step by step in projects when I am done, maybe video if I can find someone. This is really a personal dream project.
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Best answer: At a glance, you will need:

- GM862 Cellular Quad Band Module
- 10k resistor
- 10uF capacitor
- JP2 (?)
- an approx. 4V battery (3.7V or more)
- quad-band cell antenna
- 18 pin dev board with 16F88 PIC

I may have probably missed something. Your best bet is to show this article to the person who's going to build it. They should be able to tell what else they might need.

Oh, and for looking up weird parts, I like to use Octopart.
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Best answer: JP2 is probably the teeny SMD connector needed to talk to the GM862. You're probably going to have to make a circuit board to put everything on— you can do it in your basement, if you want to DIY (assuming the pins on that connector aren't too fine a pitch for homemade boards; haven't checked), or you could order one made. Though if you order one made, your total price is probably going to exceed sparkfun's price for a preassembled port-o-rotary.
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