What number am I dialling from?
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Is there some code, in the manner of *69, that returns the number I am dialing from? It doesn't have to be a star code, whatever works. How do telco people do this?
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Workaround solution: Call somebody with Caller ID.
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Dialing 958 should do the trick.
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If you are calling from a land line and not from within a phone system(like a company's phone system with extensions), all you is pick up the phone and hit 200. The voice will come on and tell you the number you are dialing from...
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It might vary from area to area, but in Austin, you can get the number you're calling from by dialing 830.
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Yes, there are many of them. They are called "ANI numbers" and they are very very useful. The one I always use is 1-800-444-4444. Just call it and wait for the prompt.

If you're interested in this sort of thing, check out PhoneLosers, 2600 magazine, and Phrack.
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Yep, varies by area. 200 and 958 get me nothing.
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This is like the time lady. At my parents, to get the time lady, you dial 412-1212, but I've never seen that work anywhere else.
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dpx - dial "pop-corn" from anywhere in the US (I guess that's 767-2676)
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Ah. I'm on the East Coast and 958 has worked for me in NY, NJ and PA, but it probably won't help you in Oregon. Sorry.
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The operator will also tell you what number you are dialing from if you ask.
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711 used to work.
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I have heard it referred to as the "Iron Maiden" for the female voice that repeats the number. In NYC and on LI, 958 works (ed) and in Westchester county 990 worked.

It was especially helpful with pay phones. You could have the other party call you back and save lots of nickels.
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What you want is an ANAC (Automatic number announcement circuit) number. They are different by phone company, and the phone companies don't like to tell people what the numbers are. More information, and lists of numbers that may help you, at tech-faq.com or wikipedia.
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I've always just buzzed my own mobile phone. I've only ever done this in the UK but I'd imagine it'd work pretty much anywhere.
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In the UK 17070 is the test line.

"This circuit is defined as..."
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Back in the day, 1-800-MY-ANI-IS was great. Sadly, it now refers you to a 1-900 number. Ah, memories.

fake's number works for me.

767-2676 is a private office number in Minneapolis, btw.
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In ancient times*, in Michigan, telco employees called the operator and requested a "drop wire line check". I've used this, it worked. Back then, no one would give you the number otherwise. Do they even have such operators anymore?

* Ancient Times: pre-internet, pre-AT&T breakup.
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