Where can I find used truck tarp?
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Where can I find truck tarp?

I'm thinking of making a messenger bag, and I want to find some used/scrap truck tarp like they use to make these?

The cheaper the better.
The more colourful the better.

Just looking for something to use as either a liner or a cover to protect from rain. If you know where I can find some, lemme know!

Also, if you have suggestions for other similar materials (preferably something used) that I can use for water resistance, I'm open to other ideas! Thanks!

Any other suggestions for features/fabrics for the bag would be sweet too.
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I'd call up a local truck hauling place (one that specialises in open trailers) and ask them. You may pick something up for free from an old trailer they have out the back, or they may put you in touch with the people that scrap that sort of thing. I'd say you stand a very high chance of getting enough of it for free (plus effort) that way.
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Do you have a Kenworth or Peterblit or Mack (or something) showroom/field in your area? Or even better, a secondhand truck place?
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Look on the bulletin board at any good sized truck stop in your area. There will be an ad (or two or three) from people who repair tarps. They'll be able to sell you small pieces. Be aware that good tarps run several dollars a square foot; still you shouldn't require much for a bag.

Good tarps aren't really surplused, they only get replaced when they get so UV damaged that they disintegrate at speed at which point they'd be useless for your purpose.

Some good quality tarps are just plain treated canvas. You can buy canvas at fabric stores, dye it most any colour you'd like, and then treat it with either linseed oil or silicone sprays. Or for a distressed look instead of dyeing use latex paint as your water proofing agent.
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is there a name for the material that is used, or is it just known as "truck tarp" material?
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Just doing a simple Google Products search, I found this tarp. It's canvas, which is what I'm assuming you want. I know it's not very colorful, but I guess it isn't particularly offensive, either.
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not looking for canvas. looking for either PVC- or polyurethane coated fabric. Like dry bags, for example.
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