Where was Bitu from?
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Before I knew anything about India, I dated an Indian guy named Bitu (long i, long u: bee-too). I remember him telling me that it wasn't his real name, that it was a nickname and it meant 'son' in his language (or, possibly, 'sun'). I neglected to ask what language that was... and now I really want to know.
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From Hindi:Family relations (wikipedia):
Son -- बेटा (beTa)

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Could it have been 'bittu'? It's pretty common in North India, probably punjabi. But the sound doesn't match, it's a short i and a hard double t.
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The Marwari mom next door calls her eldest son that, though the pronunciation is closer to dhruva's description.
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It's commonly used as a term of affection, like dear or darling would be in English.
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Sounds like an Angilcized version of Bittu, alright. It's a pretty common North Indian term of endearment; I'd say your boy was either Punjabi or Marwari, I've heard it used among both communities.
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I thought I could narrow it down for you because I was pretty sure I had heard my Gujarati friend use that with her nephew as a diminutive form of beta. I was right, but when I asked her she said that it's also a hindi word, so I think that makes it a little bit harder to tie it down to one particular state.
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I think it's likely that it's Bittu, only somewhat Anglicized (Americanized?). I was thinking it was probably related to 'beta' but wasn't sure, and was afraid it could even be south Indian and I'd be waaaay off. Thanks, everybody!
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OTOH, if it was Bichchu[a], then it's from the East; from Assam (or Bengal? Bhojpuri?), as memorialized in this old bi-lingual song. Then again, it has something to do with a Scorpion, so it's unlikely that your friend could have been called thus.
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