where can i study near 25th and 7th ave on sunday mornings?
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please get me out of starbucks: i need a place to study sunday mornings within a 5ish block radius of 25th Street and 7th Ave (new york city). HELP!

I need a quiet-ish place to study between 10am and 1pm on sunday mornings. i'm pretty sure all the libraries close by are closed on sundays. anyone know a good place near 25th and 7th ave that would fit the bill? please don't make me go to starbucks again - it was beyond noisy
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Did you try La Bergamote, on 9th ave between 19th and 20th? It's a little far from 7th, and I don't know how busy they are on Sundays. On the other hand, the croissants are to die for, as are the raspberry tarts. And the coffee is probably better than Starbuck's.
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La Petite Abeille is a nice place -- don't know how early they're open, though. 44 W 17th St is the one close by. It's Belgian.
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Cafe Grumpy just west of 7th on 18/19/20 whatever? The street with the police station on it. They play music, but I haven't found it to be too loud.
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I love Grumpy's on 20th between 7th and 8th. It's a bit crowded so your hanging out might not be cool but it's a really nice place and the coffee is fabu.
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Haddock and Kenzi ought to get together!
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Slightly further than you wanted, but La Pan Quotidient on Seventh between 17th and 18th is really ideal. First off, they don't play any music, and there is a nice big communal table in addition to smaller tables. I see people reading and studying there often. It's also big enough that it's usually easy to find a place to sit.
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I came to suggest Grumpy's. I see I am not needed. I will leave now.
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This is also outside your radius but its a quick hop from 23rd and 8th down to 14th on the C/E and then you have a one block walk to Chelsea Market on 9th ave. There is a fabulous place called The Tea Salon in the back of the market (last shop before you hit 10th ave), and even at rush hours they're never very loud. They play relaxing low-key tea shop music to keep the quiet feel going, have a great salad option for lunch, and the owner encourages people to get food from elsewhere in the market (sushi, thai, multiple bakeries, gelato, deli, etc.) and bring it back to eat there. My roommate and I regularly camp out there when working from home, as the entire market has free WiFi.

If, however, you become a regular (there's only about 3 of us, including my roommate) and I find you taking up the back left-hand corner where the power outlet is (that part's mine), at some point I will ask you if you found out about this place on Ask Metafilter. Please be honest and say "Yes." I will then challenge you to a duel.
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i'll bring my cutlass, because i'll be needing that power outlet haha.

thanks everyone!
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