Clog Sandals
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I'm looking for men's clog sandals other than Dankso's 'Jonas'. {MI}

By clogs, I mean the Scandinavian type with stiff, possibly wood soles and leather (or pseudo-leather) uppers, e.g. Dansko or Troentorp/Bastad. Not-too-feminine women's models would be fine, but most are made only up to 42s and I need 43s or 44s.
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I have a pair of these Simple clogs in suede. They're the bomb.
posted by esch at 8:08 PM on September 14, 2004

I've liked all the Simple shoes I've owned but. . .

. . . I've got the covered-clog angle covered, so to speak. I'm looking for clog sandals. They're reasonably common in women's sizes, but alas my feet are too large.
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Some of these are more clog-gy than others, but this page from Nordstrom has lots of similar styled sandals. Note that this particular page is just their "classic" sandals, you might try looking in the other categories as well, they have a huge selection.
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There's quite a famous clog factory near me that'll make clogs to spec, but I'm guessing that you're looking for a supplier in the U.S. If all else fails, and you're happy to pay for the mail, then this may be an option.
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These are the best shoes in the world.
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I meant these
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Maybe my favorite footwear ever is the Birkenstock Boston clog, which I've been wearing two days out of three since this March. In brown or black suede, it is chic enough for NYC--although I'm sure suitable for both hippie and tweedy lifestyles as well.
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Seanboy -- those look promising, thanks for the link.
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I second szg8's pick of Naots...if you know anyone in Israel who can buy you a pair it's a lot cheaper that way.
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