Looking for sandals in Toronto....
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Rhetorical question: Why in the name of God are all the shoes so ugly this spring!? Actual AskMe question: Please help me find a couple of pairs of sandals online or in Toronto for a reasonable price.

I’ve been trying to shop for some spring clothes, and have found the clothes are awful this year. No problem; I can make my own clothes. However, I need to buy summer shoes – I am not a cobbler and cannot make them. And oh God, the summer shoes this year. They are all some weird, ugly hybrid of booties and sandals.

I want a pair of a) basic yet nice brown leather thong-style flip flops (something like these) and b) a pair of brown leather medium-heel sandals with an ankle strap and one or two straps over the toes (something like this, only in brown and with a slightly higher heel). I need arch support in both pairs. I scoured the entire Eaton Centre this afternoon, and I was able to find only one pair in each style that were nothing really special but that would do… for $140, plus tax, a pair. This is much more than I wanted to pay, especially for the flip flops.

So, Metafilter, I turn to you. Please find me some shoes online, or in Toronto, to love.
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Zappo's is the best place to check for shoes. You can really zero in on your size, color, price range, etc.
I found these for 40 dollars:http://www.zappos.com/product/7384738/color/134580
THey ship fast, too.
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Try Sofft, Born and Dansko as brands. thewalkingcompany.com, if they ship to Canada, should also be worth checking out.
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You might try Teva for flip flops. This isn't exactly the same, but these are oh-so-comfy.
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When not in sneakers, I wear Cydwoq brand shoes pretty much exclusively. Handmade, a little pricey, but very comfortable and will last a lifetime. I can't speak for the sandals as I've never owned a pair, but I've had their shoes resoled many times for about $40. My most worn pair are eight years old and have been resoled 4 times I think. Without too much hyperbole, I don't think I've ever worn them without some unfamiliar woman saying how much she liked them.

In Toronto, C Squared stocks them. Or, by mail, Gravity Pope (Canada) or Ped (best selection but USA--they'll ship here though--probably the best link to get an idea of Cydwoqs; for example (hit views to see all angles)).

And I know you asked for cheap... but would you rather spend $100 a year or $250 now and have shoes that will last decades with a little money every couple years for upkeep?
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Try Sierra Trading Post. I've linked you to there "casual sandal" pages. I order from them a lot and their customer service is great.
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Seconding Sierra Trading Post. I have a serious "Merrell" addiction and they help me afford it.
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Mountain Equipment Co-op should have something, either at one of the TO stores or available online via mec.ca, lifetime membership is $5 (or at least used to be). Also check-out Trailhead, they're downtown somewhere like MEC is. Outfitters in my experience tend to be in the same general area, and most have things like hiking boots/shoes and sandals in stock. There's another one down there, but don't recall the name.
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Try Zappos.com and 6PM.com (Zappos outlet). I think it is the revival of gladiator sandals that has increased the hideous factor.
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Also, if you can hold off a bit, I've found that some of the more normal new fashions will come in due time. March is a bit early -- all the splashy new trends are out, but the stalwarts of the sneaker and sandal season will come in later in the season. It's kind of a transitional time for fashion right now.
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These flip flops look like a decent match for the ones you linked. They're Clarks and they're on sale for $40 CAD. I think SoftMoc sometimes has a reputation for being pedestrian or unfashionable but I've gotten a lot of great shoes there.
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I just went through this exact same problem last week, and I was saying, as you are, "Why are all the shoes so ugly?"

I found Sierra and Zappos too expensive for the simple sandals I wanted and had to throw a wider net to come up with anything. I ended up looking at major department stores, of all places, and finally found some sandals at J.C. Penney, a place I rarely go into unless I need curtains or towels.

So I feel your pain, and my advice would be to consider some stores that aren't just primarily shoe specialty stores.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all your help, everyone.

Dobbs, I liked the shoes on the Cydwoq site, and I like the idea of being able to wear the same shoes for years (very economical and environmentally friendly), but I just don't have that much money to spend on shoes this spring. Maybe next fall I can start buying from them.

I've ordered the flip flops kate blank linked to. They were just what I wanted, simple leather flip flops, and at $45 (after taxes) with no shipping charge because I had them sent to a store convenient to me, I thought I wasn't likely to do better.

As for the other pair, I think I'm going to keep looking on the sites, flag a pair if I find ones I like, but unless I come across a major sale on the perfect pair, I'm going to hold off on purchasing anything until mid-April and see if the stores have anything better.

Thanks again, all! I am sure to use the sites you linked to more times than just this spring.
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dobbs, those Cydwoq shoes are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I will definitely be buying some.
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Response by poster: Well, I went to pick up the SoftMoc flip flops today, and ended up returning them. The strap was too tight on my foot. I probably could have gotten the next size up, but they didn't look as nice as they do in the picture, so I didn't bother.

On with the hunt. I am so, so tempted to get the Naked style of shoes from Cydwoq, though.
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Response by poster: Caved and bought the Naked shoes from Cydwoq (the compromise was that it was the only pair of shoes I bought this spring). I'm wearing them right now and keep sneaking peeks at them. They fit well and are quite comfortable and flattering. I'll likely be buying another pair of Cydwoqs come fall.
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