Women's sandals
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I want a pair of sandals similar to this or this - flat, made of thin straps of real leather, with an interesting strap design but no other embellishment. For some reason, I can't seem to find them anywhere.

I keep seeing sandals like this on Pinterest, but the ones I've seen aren't available in the US (or at all anymore).

I want the upper of the sandals to be made of actual pieces of softish leather, not shitty bonded leather. I definitely don't want a heel, at all. I don't want flip-flops - the straps should go across the foot and around the back. I want them to be comfortable to wear. I want them to be dressier than, say, Tevas, which can't be 'dressed up' to the degree that the ones I linked above the cut can be.

I'd prefer to buy them in person in NYC, I kinda hate buying shoes online, but I don't know where to look.

I'm willing to throw reasonable money at this, because I basically have hated every sandal I've ever bought with the exception of a pair of Tevas I wore out in college. But Tevas aren't the look I'm going for anymore.
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Do any of the Ancient Greek Sandals meet your criteria? Everlane also has some nice leather sandals that are flat and unembellished.
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I have a pair, and love these.
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Yes--I'll be watching this question too. I know you don't want to order online but the reviews are pretty good for this shop and I'm thinking about these or these.
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I just got a pair of these, and I've seen the brand (Franco Sarto) in lots of department stores.
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There are tons of styles by Cydwoq that seem up your alley. The quality is wonderful and the soles are also leather that eventually mold to your foot shape.
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Look for Tropéziennes. That link goes to the original creator; this flat-soled, leather-strap style, which now encompasses a variety of strap styles, is called "Tropéziennes" after them, being based in Saint Tropez. Leather Tropéziennes are usually well-made, and plenty of across-the-foot straps (as opposed to flip-flop Y straps). I bet you can find them in New York!
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I've purchased several pairs of sandals from Madewell and have found the brand, in general, to live up to its name. These might work for you.
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These by ecco are maybe more ornate than you want, but ecco also makes a few other models that fit your requirements, although the bonded leather thing may be an issue. These are along the same lines, but dressier, and you can see the leather in cross-section, which bodes well. Donald Pliner and ecco are both available to some extent at Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor, although inventory may vary.
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These are also close to what you were looking for.
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Did you see these slightly more elegant (imo) Tevas, though (one, two)? I have a similar pair from two seasons ago (a little less leather than those ones) - still get compliments. And they're super good for walking, and I have the worst feet.
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+1 that you want Sandali on Etsy. I have two pairs. They are crazy-comfortable and also totally bombproof -- my first pair is three years old now, has seen heavy, heavy wear, and looks about as good as the 2nd, different coloured pair I just bought this season.

(One pair you linked to is marked 'Sandali,' and WesterbergHigh links to Sandali on Etsy -- but the Sandali that made the pair you linked to is a different company...)
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I was just looking for basically the same sandals! Last weekend, I ordered the Born Eva from Zappos and the Born Luci elsewhere to compare and see which one I like better. They're somewhat up your alley.
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(sorry, I missed the "hate buying shoes on-line." FWIW, the first pair of Sandalis is a size too big for me because of a temporary pregnancy foot size gain, and they are still very wearable even though I went back down; the styles are quite forgiving, size-wise, if that helps to know. I think in-person sandal buying is a raw deal because you just cannot get the same quality for the same price. I gasped at the linked ones on the Free People site; those are clearly crap and the reviews back that. Cydwoq makes great stuff, but at 6x the price of Sandalis, which have put a lot of high-end brands to shame with regards to durability and comfort)
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Joie sandals at Neiman Marcus

Bernardo makes a lot of plain leather sandals that you might like. Not sure about retail shops.
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I swear I saw at least a couple of pairs of sandals that looked very similar to the ones that you linked to at my local DSW when I was browsing there last night, so you might want to check them out if you have one nearby. I don't remember the brand names, just that they caught my eye.
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Back in the 60s there were beatnik sandal makers who made sandals like those to order. I had a couple of pairs made that lasted a very long time. Maybe someone should start doing that again.
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You want a pair of KINO SANDALS.
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I have owned at least three pairs of the Franco Sartos linked above, and while they aren't quite what you're looking for, they're a reasonable facsimile. But if you walk a lot, they will wear out.

The Madewell sandals are great, but some of their lasts are kind of weird, so definitely try them on before buying. Not a specific brand recommendation, but you might also try looking at Soula in Boerum Hill or Eric Shoes in Park Slope. They're both a little pricy, but always have things there that suit my aesthetic, which sounds like a similar one.
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I just bought a pair of Women's KEEN Rose Sandals in a pretty teal, not shown on this site. They are not leather at all, but are pretty and can go with skirts and dresses. They are very comfortable. I rarely pay full price for clothing, but make an exception for shoes that I can dance in. I was happily able to dance in these. I also got a pair of Keen Whisper sandals in a kids' size, because they're wider as well as cheaper for the same quality.
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Currently wearing these.
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