Need ECCO Yucatan sandal replacement
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I need a less expensive alternative to Ecco's Women's Yucatan sandals. Recommendations please. Specifics inside.

I LOVE my women's ECCO Yucatan sandals but they are almost worn out. And EXPENSIVE! Can anyone recommend a similar less expensive replacement? Specifically I like the ECCO sandals because they:

1) Come in 1/2 sizes
2) Have a neoprene layer that covers underneath the straps to prevent rubbing and irritation
3) Last a long time
4) Have a really comfortable material on the top of the foot bed
5) Are waterproof
6) Strap on really well - I can't wear anything remotely flip flop like
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I've had these Merrell Sirens. They're a bit cheaper at $80 and do go on sale (check Amazon, Endless, ebay too). They're pretty comfortable. But not quite in the same league as the Ecco Yucatans. I'm a 9.5 and they fit me in a 9. You might want to try on a few styles if you're usually a 1/2 size in shoes, because sandals do tend to run a little differently.

There are also some Teva sandals that have neoprene lining; they're not as comfortable as the Eccos.

These Columbia Sun Lights are popular (and $40) - they don't have neoprene lining, but the inside of the straps is still fairly soft.

If you click on the above links, you can follow the "customers also looked at these" links on the right side of the screen. Tons of models now have the neoprene lining.
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I tend to think of Clarks as the less expensive alternative to ECCO. The Rise looks similar to the one you like, but as the above commenter said, you'll notice a difference between these and the ECCO sandals.
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Well, you could try Tevas, who, I believe, originally made that style of sandal. At (Zappo's discount shoe site), you can get Tevas on sale, including these and these (only $45!).

You might also like some of the styles of Keens on sale.

They also have some different styles of Eccos on sale.

You might also browse through women's sport sandals on sale at Sierra Trading Post.

And, for what it's worth, as a former raft guide and wearer of just about every kind of waterproof sandal ever made, the most comfortable sandal I've ever found is by Chaco.

I know these aren't exactly the same, but maybe they're close enough? Good luck!
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If you live near a Dillard's, they have great sales on their Eccos a couple of times a year for 40-50% off. Granted, they start from list, but it's still cheaper than anybody else's regular price and usually better than the best sale prices I've seen elsewhere.
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