Need Recommendations for a Hosted Exchange Provider for one.
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Any recommendations for a reliable Exchange 2007 service provider for one person? I just need a single account to use with Outlook and an iPhone. is my current provider. Apart from being slow, they have had several service outages on "my" server recently. I don't mind paying more for fast and reliable service. Prior posts (tangentially related to this question) have suggested Apptix, but I sent a request for service three days ago that has not been responded to yet. Not a good sign.
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Response by poster: Yes, I want the full compliment of Exchange services.
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Haven't tried it myself, but my understanding is that offers Exchange -- as an option if not by default?
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I can't speak from personal experience (couldn't get the boss to $pring for it) but I did all my homework and they're one of they're best at what they do. Very reasonable pricing. Let me know if you want contact info for the rep that I worked with.
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Best answer: I use for exactly this - single mailbox exchange 2007 hosting. 10 bucks a month on my plan, and good reliability/proactive notifications of maintenance. The mail flows. Content indexing works. Both Outlook and OWA work flawlessly. What else is there to say?
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I use a US based company called Exchangemymail which provides Exchange 2007 at a reasonable price. I use their blackberry service too but you dont have to. I am very satisfied with their service and enthusiastic support. You also get a discount (set up fee waived for individual users) if you mention that you were referred to them by Blackberry forums. I hope this helps.
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Not really what you want, but possibly useful to someone browsing this thread:
Will sync gmail and gcal to mail and ical on the iphone, in both directions, transparently. It works over the air, and dos not require any manual syncing. It does not require iTunes, either. Don't know much about them, but it's working for me.
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