I need to Get Things Done on my iPhone
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I need a GTD compatible task management app for iPhone that will sync both Outlook tasks AND flagged emails over the air with Exchange Server 2003. Bonus points for three way Outlook/Google/iPhone syncronization and location aware task reminders.

Hours of semi-focused googling have left me kind of hopeless that I'll find what I'm looking for... I need it to sync Outlook's flagged emails as tasks, as I use automatic flagging of incoming emails to populate almost half of my tasks list. And I need it to sync over the air (or via a web service) because I need to manage my tasks away from the LAN that Outlook/Exchange are on.

I'd love if it could also sync with Google Tasks and give task reminders based on location, but I'm not going to push my luck too much.

If anyone know's of an app or a combination of apps, web services, and desktop applications that will accomplish this, I'll buy you a beer. Or a cookie if you prefer. I'm serious.

I'm using Outlook 2007, Exchange Server 2003, iPhone 4, and Windows 7
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Pocket Informant might do this.
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Response by poster: I tested Pocket Informant Lite syncing with Outlook via Toodledo's 3rd party desktop application, but it doesn't seem to sync flagged emails - only tasks entered manually. It's a shame, because I was the most hopeful about Pocket Informant out off all the apps I tried.

Has anyone here had success using Outlook + iPhone for GTD? I'm open to new ideas. And the offer for a beer or cookie still stands.
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Best answer: I write GTD software for the iPhone. Synchronizing Outlook data with an iPhone is a common customer request, and one that I've researched quite a bit. Right now, to the best of my knowledge the only way to synchronize Outlook tasks with the iPhone is to use the Outlook plugin you referred to earlier that syncs between Outlook and Toodledo.

Once your tasks are on Toodledo, you have a number of options to synchronize between Toodledo and the iPhone. The options most suitable for a GTD approach include Toodledo's iPhone app, "Action Lists" (Daze End Software), "ToDo" (Appigo), and Pocket Informant (as you mentioned).

I don't know of any solution that will sync emails (flagged or not) to the iPhone as a task.
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