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Is there a software solution (not Add2Exchange or CodeTwo, already tried those) that can provide two-way sync between public folders contacts and iPhone/Android devices with consistent success?

My boss would like to be able to do the following:
-access and edit any of the 5000 contacts stored in our public folders via his iPhone and iPad
-two-way syncing, so he should be able to edit a contact using either handheld device and have the change push to the public folders for all other users
-two way syncing ability for other users not necessary, but one way at a minimum would be nice

Possibly relevant details:
-We're running Exchange 2010
-Boss and several other users are using outlook 2007, though a few are using Outlook 2010 and one is Outlook 2003
-we use TeamScope CRM to manage the contacts in the public folder we need to access, so any solution would need to play well with that

We've tried Add2Exchange, which stopped working inexplicably. CodeTwo Exchange sync, with multiple users granted two-way sync, began duplicating random contacts spontaneously and then all of them exponentially, so we killed that in a panic before we ended up with dozens of copies of thousands of contacts.

We're now at a loss. Have you found a reasonable solution to the public folders/handheld devices syncing issue that can handle our requirements? If not, what did your company do as a workaround?

throwaway email: superheroonaunicorn@gmail.com
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I can’t assist with the unicorn riding superhero, sorry…. But from my personal experience and from some searching I did, it seems Add2Exchange and CodeTwo are the most prominent exchange sync software out there, while the latter seems to have better support according to other users experiences. But there are some alternatives like Easy2Sync which I’ve heard about pr SimpleSyn, which I don’t know. Checkout this list for other software/tools for exchange sync/access.
Good luck finding that unicorn :)
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