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epilogueFil(l/t)er: so what happened?

there are lots of things on askMe/MeFi lately that have worked out nicely for me personally and lots of tips and advice from people that i've used. (example: the bee thread with the paper bag idea)
(note usual lack of chatting to recent over chatting, probably of no use to anyone--sorry)

besides trying to thank people scattered all over threads for ideas and links, i've been wondering about if/how threads i did and didn't comment on got resolved.
how was the name change in new york?
what happened to the spiders?
brewing byproducts/nitrates type reactions in beer discovered outside of the er?
still dead?
legal yet?
and what about those trannies?
i thought an update thread if anyone would like to share or post for specific conclusions to things.

also, i'm opening up the invite to email me personally on anything i posted where in most cases i haven't been able to go too far into it or post my cv cred to those who wonder where i'm getting stuff from.
and because people have been rather gracious (and entertaining) i'm offering free consultation/counseling/readings/info access to anyone who emails this weekend as i am laid up and have had to cancel my appointments and such for the coming week.
(understand, i don't have that much free time but anyone who wants more than simple straight up back and forth by email or phone can ask.)
maybe it's youwhoreswithaheartofgoldfFilter
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don't worry. i'm saving the vicodin.
*the gimp shuffles off in time for pirate day*
arggh, whars me eye patch, poly?
posted by ethylene at 4:47 PM on September 11, 2004

she let me. it was great.
posted by quonsar at 5:44 PM on September 11, 2004

but did it fuel your improbability drive?
*sips vodka, gargling pan galactic chaser*
posted by ethylene at 6:02 PM on September 11, 2004

I'm using a spray on the spiders I picked up from Petco. It works semi well. When I come across a spider in an area I know the cats or my son won't get into though? I use 409 spray. The spiders melt.

My belated sister has a lawyer now. Still hates zombie and Sixth Sense jokes.
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I found the where to get the jeans that bonheur asked about a couple of months ago, but she doesn't have an email listed on her userpage. Hmpf.
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i be dead people. but usually just call on the evil twin.
oh, i know some people who swears by a certain brand of those electronic pest ultrasonic things. but she is in a rockier/ less buggy areas (SW USA, NoCal)
i may post something about the stories and things found on having "identity problems", oddly uncommon problem--after sleep when the gargle blasters have metabolized.

*and look for "EmoTiCONed?"*
posted by ethylene at 6:51 PM on September 11, 2004

My swimming pool did not electrocute me. But the satellite isn't working out as well as I had hoped.
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*the gimp is back, thinking this would make a great zine comic, with a picture for each line as a stand alone.*
*considers title "explodingcataracts" or "boomboomkitty"--*

btw, legal birthday passed with mild nausea (non alcohol related) and no incident. inspired bashing of real birthday, shared by tim leary and jeff goldblum.
should post info found from links posted here. made life much easier to deal with, so i'm ready to be ass bound for a few days.

hmm, that didn't sound right

oh and i've seen quonsar's last pic all over the web for a handful of years as a public fake pic.
that was worth the price of admission.

beer allergy guy? i have info coming from that brewmaster guy for something else as well anyway.

mr. smell from below and commentors: tinea was a topic on queer eye that night and i don't know how many men now have that "best minute of the day" because i told them about it. sponsor us, gold bond medicated!

alien themes/deconstruction: bally hoo acomin' ala buckaroo banzai--

*pause to gargle*
posted by ethylene at 8:14 PM on September 11, 2004

We didn't. My wife and I bought a great house. My friend decided to renovate. Somehow, I'm involved in that... :-/

I couldn't. In fact, I completely gave up on 1&1. I've since learned they've an atrocious reputation.

Success. Indeed, I've since successfully epoxied it all back together, replaced the internal hard drive, and fixed a problem with the LCD part. And there are only two screws left over! (Failed to fix my broken PCMCIA slots, alas.)

Fun. We used some of the ideas, and the kids had a great time.

Fell back. And much happier for it; the old Kerio is better than the new one.

Unsolved Mystery. Windows Update is still AWOL. Pisses me off on a regular basis. If anyone can help, please do!

No go. Between fixing up the condo, purchasing a new home, and my wife's elbow being horrendously mangled, we barely got out for good walks, let alone hikes. Arizona's slot canyons are high on our list of things to do, though.

Awesome. Once I learned what techie words are used for what I wanted, I was able to set it all up no problem. Thanks!

sheeeyit, I didn't know I posted so many damn questions!

Opps. My bad. It was googleable.

Didn't. But I did get a book on sleep disorders, and discovered that my wife was exagerrating and that I don't have sleep apnea. But we're keeping an eye (ear?) on it.

Fickle. Teenager didn't care in the end. [shrug]

Bought a house. Did look at a mobile. On the web. Never did go inside.

Bought a new(er) house. Thank goodness. I've decided reno'ing isn't a life for me.

Opps. Still haven't tracked any of those guys down.

Coagulated. Finally. And I've been very careful to not nick it any more. If I get desperate, I'll use a matchhead next time, unless I've managed to unpack the bathroom box by then.

Great! Good shit in that thread. Surprised, though, that no one owns one already. When it comes time, we're getting one.

My conclusion: AskMe rocks, y'all rock, and I've asked way too many questions.
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The Manhattan bar recommendations (this was ~3 months ago!) worked out well--we went to the Old Town Bar and everyone enjoyed it. The burgers were indeed the best I've ever tasted (and I've had some great burgers since then, those were still the best) and the decor was quite nice.

I look forward to taking out another post-graduate friend who recently moved to the area, and Old Town is very high on my list :D

Thanks, Ask Metafilter!

OK, so it's not as exciting as spiders or trannys or being legally undead...but still!
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I just printed the damn JPEG. Never heard back from the museum.

I bought a Mac, a refurbished 12" PowerBook G4 866, to be exact. No regrets yet, but we'll see how it holds out.

I went with the SMC and it's a piece of shit.

We had a nice time.

The porn remains un-concatenated.
posted by majick at 9:52 PM on September 11, 2004

Our poorly rat got over her pneumonia (for that was her problem) and was able to chew through my new Stussy jacket a few days later.
posted by malpractice at 10:48 PM on September 11, 2004

My cactus died. I've come to the conclusion that my gardening skills are non-existant.

I still perceive different colors for grey and gray but at least I know I'm not alone.
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San Miguel de Allende was fantastic: we found a great Spanish school, rented a house, and toured the area with boyfriend and parents and grandmother.

My Brita filters are now non-toxic, and a blog entry I wrote on the subject gets about 50-100 hits a week from people looking for information from various search engines.

My friend ended up not moving to Baltimore
for various reasons; some of them having to do with the city/program itself, and others that were more happenstance. But all of your recommendations were really useful in that decision!

The PowerBook G3 is still working, but he bought a new G4 anyway. My old one will be for sale on eBay soon!

I still don't have my beloved missing box. I've filled out forms, email complaints and written letters to two Mail Recovery Centers. No luck. Insure your packages folks! And track them!
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My husband and I booked the trip for Japan for ten days in early/mid October. We'll let y'all know how it goes.
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I still don't have claws.

I did, however, suck it up, buy a balaklava and wipe out twice in an awesome-fun ice storm.
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Happy Ending for the artiste. I'm not doing the show this year. We did, however, work out a deal where they apply my reservation money to either a spring show, or next year's show, same bat time, same bat place. :D

Good idea for a thread, Ethylene. And fff: lots, indeed! ;)
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Robocop and Grendel are still fighting. Though I made a new cage for them that requires they be neighbors. Robo has loved being closer to us while we watch TV, while Grendel is trying as hard as she can to rip up the flooring and escape. She could escape from her old cage by using her mouth in lieu of thumbs to undo the latch, so it's only a matter of time before she gets free. Or rips up the floor.
posted by robocop is bleeding at 7:41 AM on September 12, 2004

After further research on which paints cover best in one coatt, I ended up choosing Benjamin Moore paint for my new apartment. The living room is painted a gold color (darker on two walls), which came out yellower than I expected, but is very warm and welcoming. I picked a taupe color for the office that turned out pinker than I expected, but I'll live with it. The master bedroom's green turned out very nice. I went with an even lighter version of the gold color for the kitchen and an aqua for the bathroom. The aqua is neat because there are two sources of light in the bathroom: incandescent lights, and a window. The paint looks green where the incandescent light falls but blue under sunlight. Yet you can't tell where the seam is, because there isn't one. It's kinda cool.

Having the ceilings painted white really helps make a place look less like a home and more like an apartment.

The Benjamin Moore paints really delivered. The maintenance guys who painted it told me it was really, really nice to work with and that they wished they could use it all the time. Only one wall in one room (the master bedroom accent wall) failed to cover in one coat, and I just bought another quart of that color and painted it over myself.
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Having the ceilings painted white really helps make a place look less like a home and more like an apartment.

I mean the other way around, obviously.
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Well, my hope is that my questions were mainly broadly interesting to a lot of folk, and not just myself.
posted by five fresh fish at 10:21 AM on September 12, 2004

We found a great Mac repair shop. Wegener media. Not speedy but easily 30-50% of the price others quoted us.
No luck with the cat and it's been scarcer since my landlady and her dog came back from a long vacation.
I was on cable TV with screen shots and it worked out well, people seemed to like it, though I didn't have quite enough material ["80 slides" was what the guy said when I arrived with 50-ish]
I went to the wedding not the conference which was the right thing to do.
I drove my car with the leaky tank nothing blew up, and then got it repaired pretty cheaply with a used replacement tank.
I let California keep their $11 seems they need it more than me.
Stopped watching DVDs on the laptop for a while [see first question] so should probably try this out again.
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Chicken pox: I didn't scratch too much, and I ended up with a couple of small scars, including one right dead center in the middle of my forehead. Wooooo, my third eye is emerging!
Goofing off at work: I read a lot of books. Boy, did I ever read a lot.
Getting a job: Am still searching. Still. Lots more rejections now. Yay.
And it turned out there was no glass in my underwear, languagehat continues to own the universe, and I'm still associated romantically with Justin Timberlake.

AskMe is the bestest. thing. ever.
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"The porn remains un-concatenated." is crying out to be the title of either a poetry slam reading or a Dogme 95 film. Or both.
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"I'm using a spray on the spiders I picked up from Petco."

How, exactly, did you get spiders from Petco?
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languagehat continues to own the universe

Will sell to highest bidder. Spent too much on Montreal trip, need money.

Still haven't found a copy of the Hindemith piece, but we know where to look -- thanks, MeFi!
posted by languagehat at 5:47 PM on September 12, 2004

Other tour companies: Turned out the website had the prices wrong and that the dollar really wasn't that bad, so I went with Contiki who I already knew about.

Non pop culture chat sounds: I went with an ice clink for new message. It is very cute.

How you send a text message to a random phone #: I used SMS and it worked fine.
posted by smackfu at 6:18 PM on September 12, 2004

The saga of the name change is ongoing.
posted by Julnyes at 8:18 PM on September 12, 2004

I'm curios, was the "Only rotters hunt otters" badge found?
posted by golo at 4:55 AM on September 13, 2004

The microwave at home was older than I thought. "That's the old microwave from the house, " said my sister. The house was sold 12 years ago.

I bought the Microsoft Natural Pro keyboard. It wasn't as clicky as I thought and after a few months, the pain actually got worse. Right now, I've switched back to my regular old keyboard to see if the pain was worsening because of the new keyboard, or just because.
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