Live Hockey Streaming?
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Okay, I'm desperate: I want to listen to the World Cup of Hockey, but my shortwave radio can't pick up the CBC too well, I don't have a television, and I don't feel like spending a bunch of cash in a bar (which I invariably do when I watch hockey in a bar).

Any tips on where to find streaming coverage?
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CBC radio?

Enjoy. That should work... it might be blocked outside Canada though.

You can also catch some Canadian radio free to air on the Nimiq 1 satellite, if you have a DVB card for your computer. :-) Nimiq 1 is available to all of North America.
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ESPN Broadband was free last weekend, and I watched at least three games, and it was fucking great. Not sure if they have the rest of the games, but go to and you may be able to pay for it.
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ps you've already missed the first period, which was pretty damn good
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ESPN Broadband tells me that my ISP isn't partnered with them, and the CBC has a blackout going on their Radio 1 Internet streams.

And thanks for rubbing it in, mookieproof
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