The Night Begins to Shine
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The Night Begins to Shine from Teen Titans Go! is my seven year old's favorite song. Normally when he picks a new jam I can find related songs via Spotify Radio for him and make a playlist. However, since this song and band was created just for the show, the radio option gives a bunch of video game and cartoon theme songs that don't match musically with 'The Night Begins to Shine.' Any suggestions?

Thanks to Spotify, rather than discover new songs for my son, we discovered that my wife has a soft spot for Five Night at Freddy's covers.

Given the 80s feel of the song, I've tried some Vaporwave to mixed results. He likes the guitars and the repetition of the chorus.

For our sanity's sake, no huge earworms, please!
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To me, this has a sound similar to Nightrunner and their 2014 album Starfighter. Those are Spotify links, so if you or your son find you enjoy it, you could see if Spotify's "Radio" feature, riffing off that album, produces any useful results.
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Try a search using Rush's TOM SAWYER as the base song. I love Teen Titans, and I always assumed this song was their version of Rush.
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Whenever I hear Red Skies by The Fixx, I get this weird feeling for a few seconds because I think "The Night Begins To Shine" has come on.
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This is so funny because this exact topic came up in reverse at a get together last week (others were sharing their favorite power metal songs and we shared The Night Begins to Shine). One band that was played for awhile was Dragonforce, which might help spotify launch into more similar sounds.
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Do these feel like the Night Beings to Shine to him?
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I love The Night Begins To Shine! Your seven year old has good taste! Here are some songs/bands that share the same brain geography as TNBTS for me and might be good Spotify fodder:

yes The Fixx definitely
The Stranglers, "Always the Sun"
Echo & The Bunnymen
Muse, "Knights of Cydonia"
Simple Minds
Peter Murphy, "Cuts You Up"
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Bit of a shot in the dark, but Skid Row, 18 and Life?
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My spouse listening from the other end of the couch suggests 2 x 4 by Guadalcanal Diary.
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Thank you all for the suggestions! I'm starting to form a playlist now, but it won't be kid-reviewed until this weekend.

Whenever I hear Red Skies by The Fixx, I get this weird feeling for a few seconds because I think "The Night Begins To Shine" has come on.

I might have to do a Kids React to the video for this song. Pretty sure he would lose it at the bearded guitarist in a cape.
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Muse - Panic Station (warning: one or two swears, find a Radio Edit if you can?)
Muse - Dead Inside
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I just listened to the original song for the first 30 seconds and through a speaker at 20% volume. Those disclosures out of the way, I was strongly reminded of REM's The One I Love. Same key and everything.
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