Help me remember a radio story I heard on NPR
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There was a story/performance I heard on some (probably NPR) radio show within the last 10 years. It was a man and a woman meeting at a party, and instead of saying things to each other they described what they would say to each other, kind of a meta-conversation.

It went sort of like

He: "Casual greeting"
She: "Disinterested response"
He: "Vague comment"
She: "Even less interested response"


He: "Slightly smutty joke"
She: "Declaration of offense combined with increasing interest"
He: "Statement of contrition"

and so on.

I don't think it was on This American Life or The Moth, but it's in the same neighborhood. I also think it wasn't a published story but something prepared for radio or a sketch comedy show.
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I can't pinpoint the episode at the moment, but I know I heard a story fitting that description on Wiretap with Jonathan Goldstein.
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I'm pretty sure this was on This American Life, as the last act of a show. Tough to search for, though.
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Could you be thinking of act 11 of this episode of TAL?
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Bang! Well done MetaFilter. 37 minutes.

And here's the audio.
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(By the way, the question came from my sister, who is now very impressed with y'all and is forwarding the heck out of this.)
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There's also this scene from Schizopolis
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Incidentally, if you're ever in Chicago, the Neo-Futurists, who did this skit, are incredibly fun to see live.
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