Image from Book of Kells exhibit at Trinity College, Dublin?
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I was recently in Dublin and was amazed by the Book of Kells exhibit (if you're ever there I highly recommend it). Anyway, there was an image in the exhibit, not from the Book of Kells, that I loved and want a tattoo of! All I have is this bad photo. BAD PHOTO! I've done hours of internet search, reverse image look up and all that. Has anyone seen it, know what its from or have a good image of it? Its mostly the upper part with the guys arms and the serpents. Thanks!
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I believe the entire thing is online here.
posted by Ironmouth at 12:12 PM on February 6 [1 favorite]

This is the specific page.
posted by Ironmouth at 12:12 PM on February 6

Did you have any luck with Trinity's Digital Collections site? ->
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Brilliant Ironmouth, thanks!
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It is indeed online at the link already posted and is folio 2v.
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I should mention, the site allows you to zoom in on each image, but I can't link directly to it. Folio 2v has a lot of gorgeous detail and you should be able to get usable tattoo images from it.
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