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August 17

Good morning, Mornington

As a northern ‘burbs gal, I am excitedly looking forward to housesitting in Mornington (Victoria, Australia), on the Grand Final long weekend - so close to the beach! What should I check out on the way to, and on, the peninsula? [more inside]
posted by brushtailedphascogale around Melbourne, Australia at 5:09 PM - 2 answers

July 5

A quick first time visit to Melbourne

I have a work trip scheduled to Melbourne, and decided to take a few extra days (maybe up to a week) at the end of July to spend a little time being a tourist before the work starts. [more inside]
posted by PussKillian around Melbourne, Australia at 6:52 AM - 3 answers has best

June 29

Melbourne for Cheap

Woohoo, got tickets to the Cursed Child for the Potterhead child! All the money went to tickets so we are on a tight budget. Logistics questions inside for Melbourne. [more inside]
posted by jadepearl around Melbourne, Australia at 1:36 AM - 6 answers

February 8

Melbourne filter: the awesomest things to do, see and eat

We're going to be in Melbourne, Australia for a month! What are cool things we should do, see and eat beyond the top 10 tourist items? Personal interest details inside... [more inside]
posted by rednikki around Melbourne, Australia at 5:09 PM - 12 answers has best

October 2, 2017

Melburnians, lend me your ears

Visiting Melbourne for the first time in 10 years after living there for 6. A lot to catch up on and a lot I don't want to miss - advice appreciated. [more inside]
posted by turbid dahlia around Melbourne, Australia at 8:31 PM - 8 answers

September 8, 2017

Is Melbourne worth visiting?

I've never been to Australia before (ie. I'm grossly ignorant about the country). Friends of mine have invited me to Melbourne but I'm on the other side of the world in Ottawa, Canada. It would take me more than 20 hrs of traveling to get there. So is Melbourne similar to say, Toronto? If it is, then I would likely pass. What is there that is compelling/exciting about Melbourne? What would I see or experience that I would not in other parts of the world?
posted by storybored around Melbourne, Australia at 1:38 PM - 25 answers

April 18, 2016

Need help finding a place to live in Melbourne

Asking for a friend who is staying in Melbourne, Australia for the summer - he is a student arriving end of April and leaving end of August. Any help finding a place, or pointing me towards resources that would be useful for this, would be greatly appreciated! [more inside]
posted by mossicle around Melbourne, Australia at 10:48 PM - 7 answers

March 5, 2016

I tried to do a nice thing.

I am trying to put together an itinerary for my parents who will be spending a week in Melbourne before my partner and I arrive. My mom really wants to see the penguin parade and I booked tickets for her - before looking into transportation to/from the island. Oops. Now I'm wondering if there's a way to fix this. [more inside]
posted by gursky around Melbourne, Australia at 3:17 AM - 6 answers has best

April 19, 2015

Mefi Sydney/Melbourne: Pimp our itinerary

My sister is coming to visit in 2 days - yay! We'll be spending 14 days in Sydney and 5 in Melbourne, I think I have most things covered but can you see anything I've missed/have hot tips to make her visit supercool? She hasn't been on holiday for years. [more inside]
posted by everydayanewday around Melbourne, Australia at 3:16 AM - 8 answers

February 27, 2014

Can Qantas workers strike by Sunday?

Today, Qantas threatened to strike over job cuts, and are meeting tomorrow to choose a course of action. We absolutely positively need to return to the US from Melbourne on Sunday for a non reschedulable hugely important appointment. Should we panic? [more inside]
posted by jewzilla around Melbourne, Australia at 12:38 AM - 2 answers has best

August 26, 2012

Help me have the best Melbourne break EVER.

I'll have four days in Melbourne a couple of weeks from now. What should I do? I'll be alone, staying in the central city and hiring a bike. I'm interested in: scenic cycle routes, standup comedy, hanging out in pleasant places with a book, cheap but delicious ethnic food, contemporary theatre, massage and other spa-like pampering, outdoor markets, interesting bike shops, nice bars for a quiet solo drink, small music venues and artisan chocolate/baking/sweets. And anything else wonderful and uniquely Melbourne that you think someone with those sorts of interests might like. (Vintage shopping too, but I've already got lots of advice on that from this question) Melburnians, I am so desperately in need of a break. Please help me have the best weekend ever!
posted by embrangled around Melbourne, Australia at 11:46 PM - 14 answers has best

May 17, 2012


I'm going to be spending the upcoming weekend in Melbourne, and am interested in shopping for vintage and handcrafted items, as well as general wandering/people watching. Where should I go? [more inside]
posted by Georgina around Melbourne, Australia at 2:37 AM - 9 answers

November 3, 2011

Melbourne quirks

What to do in Melbourne this weekend? [more inside]
posted by b33j around Melbourne, Australia at 12:55 AM - 8 answers has best

March 7, 2011

What to do in Melbourne?

What should I do with one day in Melbourne? I'm going to the Golden Plains Festival next weekend, but I'm arriving a day early so I have a whole Friday in Melbourne with nothing to do. I've already been to the ACMI and The Espy, and I've got plans for the night. I like old books, videogames, pinball, and neat bars.
posted by Lovecraft In Brooklyn around Melbourne, Australia at 2:39 PM - 5 answers has best

February 22, 2011

Figuring out transportation in Melbourne

Help me figure out transport in Melbourne for a conference. [more inside]
posted by olinerd around Melbourne, Australia at 6:03 PM - 5 answers has best

February 16, 2011

Help me find a good river near Melbourne...

Does anyone know any sections of rivers or creeks not too far out of Melbourne (Australia) that are very wide yet quite shallow? You know the type, like something you see in a documentary about Alaskan bears with pebbles on the bottom and crystal clear water. After swimming in an amazing river in West Virginia may years ago I've dreamed about finding a similar one over here.
posted by soymilk around Melbourne, Australia at 3:18 AM - 8 answers

December 9, 2010

Where to stay in Melbourne?

Melbourne, Australia for the food and wine festival - Where to stay? [more inside]
posted by nvly around Melbourne, Australia at 5:25 PM - 10 answers

March 11, 2010

Save $ in flying to Australia

What is the cheapest way I can arrange the round-trip to Melbourne, Australia from Providence, RI, US? [more inside]
posted by coolnik around Melbourne, Australia at 5:46 AM - 9 answers

February 28, 2010

Melbourne for little kids this week.

Things to do with quite small children in Melbourne during this week... with no car. Got any good suggestions? [more inside]
posted by taff around Melbourne, Australia at 2:44 AM - 13 answers

October 27, 2009

Romantic Melbourne things to do?

Aussie Hive Mind: What are some some incredibly romantic things to do from say 10am to 3pm in Melbourne in late November, early December? [more inside]
posted by burhan around Melbourne, Australia at 12:25 PM - 17 answers