Can Qantas workers strike by Sunday?
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Today, Qantas threatened to strike over job cuts, and are meeting tomorrow to choose a course of action. We absolutely positively need to return to the US from Melbourne on Sunday for a non reschedulable hugely important appointment. Should we panic?

I'm lead to understand that in the US it would take a while before he union could legally strike. I have no idea how these things work in Australia. I'm willing to buy tickets on another carrier in advance of an announcement if necessary, but would prefer not to waste the money. What should I do? Would a United flight still operate?
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Australian unions do need to follow a procedure before they can legally strike.

First the union has to request a ballot with Fair Work Australia. If the ballot is granted, it must be done under the auspices of the Australian Electoral Commission, which will send ballot papers out to all union members. If the papers are returned with a 50% 'yes' vote, the union can then go ahead with legally-protected industrial action.

This is not all going to happen between now and Sunday. I think you can relax.
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The unions can take protected industrial action early next year I believe. A union spokesperson said on the news tonight that they have specifically ruled out industrial action at this time.

I would buy tickets in any other carrier anyway simply because I hate QANTAS.
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