What to do in Melbourne?
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What should I do with one day in Melbourne? I'm going to the Golden Plains Festival next weekend, but I'm arriving a day early so I have a whole Friday in Melbourne with nothing to do. I've already been to the ACMI and The Espy, and I've got plans for the night. I like old books, videogames, pinball, and neat bars.
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Best answer: Just off the top of my head:

There's Sydney road in Brunswick, which contains some of my favourite haunts. Try out Bar Etiquette, which is a tiny bar in an old terrace house. They do $5 pints during happy hour, which is from 5-9pm. The lads who run it are always up for a chat and there's a video game machine out back running an emulator with all sorts of old school titles.

There's also a number of bookshops, selling both new and second-hand books. My favourite is Brunswick Bound, which while selling new rather than old books, has an eclectic collection (need a coffee table book of pretty sheep? They have it).

If you want to get something to eat, try a one of the bread rolls at La Paloma. They're simple but very cheap and wonderful.

Other neat bars include Comfy Chair on Lygon street, which is exactly as described. The Brunswick Green which has a large beer garden and run by a couple of nice older chaps and the Sporting Club which does the best food in the area.
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Best answer: Ooo, so many fun places and things to see and do!

In town, Robot Sushi used to have old school table top video games.

There's always Degraves Place and surrounding laneways for an abundance of neat bars (and cafes and shops).

And check out Three Thousand at The Thousands for loads of other ideas. There's an iPhone app too if you're into that.

Oh! And I saw this feature on Melbourne bookstores at The Design Files a while ago... might give you some inspiration.
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Best answer: One way to kill a few hours in Melbourne is walking around the various laneways checking out the graffiti/stencil art. Some of it is fantastic. It's a few years since I've lived in Melbourne, and I hear the street art scene isn't as vibrant as it used to be, but it should still make for an interesting stroll.

For near bars, The Gin Palace and The Croft Institute were always fun. Just finding the Croft Institute is a bit of an adventure. (Again, the not-lived-in-Melbourne-for-a-few-years thing still applies, but I presume they still exist.)

I also find it hard to go to Melbourne without going somewhere like Movida for lunch. Not cheap, but great food.
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Best answer: Bars:

Sister Bella - hidden laneway bar
Rooftop Bar – good for a city view (there are also other bars in this building cookie and the toff….and a good bookshop)
Madame Brussels - hidden rooftop bar
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the help! Unfortunately, due to my plane being late and having an early meeting with someone else from the Internet, all I had time to do was wander around Chapel Street. That was awesome. If anyone likes vintage clothes, toys, or memorabilia the Chapel Street Bazaar was massive and awesome.
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