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my band's last two shows got cancelled due to Tropical Storm Fay, and we are faced with a day off in Baton Rouge, LA. Whatever shall we do?
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If you're still there on Monday, get muffalettas at Anthony's Italian Deli on Florida Boulevard. Best sandwich ever. Olive salad, Italian cold cuts, and provolone on a round loaf toasted together until the cheese is melted and the sandwich is warm through.
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It's a short drive to Lafayette, which has an excellent music scene. I don't have any contacts there any more, but it's a lot more fun than Baton Rouge's workaday environment.
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Don't drive all the way across the state during a tropical storm. I wouldn't even drive to New Orleans, which is worlds closer and is rumored to have an excellent music scene of its own, this weekend.

If it's open, Teddy's Juke Joint.

225 things to do in Baton Rouge.
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Well, looking at the map, they are about equidistant, but ... still, not a good day to drive.
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Must be all that water between BR and Lafayette, infrastructure between BR and NOLA, that messed with my spatial skills and memory there. Anyway, the rain's predicted for tonight. The forecast may be off, but ... in any case, stay safe!
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