Casting and Recreating Wood
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I am trying to recreate some intricate wood molding on a piece of furniture. I have a mirrored piece to cast from, but dont know what to cast it with.

I dont want to hire a carpenter, and took enough sculpture to be good at moldmaking. Luckly it had a mirrored piece on the other side.

My problem is that I am having trouble finding what I should cast the piece I need in. I want it to resemble the (painted) section of wood on the other side. So I am trying to maintain the best possible look of wood without having to hire out a carpenter.

I have seen a little about pecan flour, but since this piece is around 3 foot by 1/2-1 foot I dont know if I woudl be better using sawdust... or what ratio to use... etc.

I would love any help i can get.
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It sounds as if casting materials are only half of your problem. If the piece you have to cast from is a mirror of the piece you need, you're still stuck; a mold taken from it will just allow you to reproduce more pieces like the one you already have.

As far as materials go, I'd poke around Smooth-On's Website. I used to use their 300-series Smooth-cast plastics quite a bit. They're quick and easy to work with.

Another issue you may have to deal with is the possibility that the wooden piece has undercuts that can't be withdrawn from a hard, one-piece mold. You may need to use a flexible mold-making material.
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Response by poster: Sorry... the other piece is not a mirror of the original but teh exact same piece. There are two identical moldings of the same type on each side.
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Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty
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