Google Answers alternatives?
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Are there other places that will pay you to research answers to questions besides Google Answers?

A friend who is a research chemist in a small town, just lost hist job and asked me about this sort of thing. Beyond becoming a Google expert, I didn't really know what to tell him. Apparently, Google has enough experts at the moment, he couldn't apply there.
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Not quite the same but Innocentive has chemical problems with awards (up to $100000) for solutions.
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Cuppatea, right up his alley! I'm passing it on now
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Follow up: My friend contacted them today and they may possibly hire him to help coordinate and help assign research projects, from his home. So, things suddenly look up for him. Thanks for the tip.
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Sad really, I signed up to be a Google Researcher not long after Answers was announced. After a few months and a test or two, I got in. Questions answered so far? Nil. I've posted a lot of helpful comments though ;-) To be honest though, AskMe (here, not is way better.
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