Safe places for evening run in DC?
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A friend has just moved to DC, and is wondering where are the best, safest places for a woman to take an after-work jog in the District? Any schools have tracks open to the public?
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when i was there 4-8 years ago, the track at Georgetown (the main campus) was open to the public and i understand that it still is (GU isn't easy to get to on public transportation, though). for the last couple of years, the Mall itself has been pretty safe all day until about 1.5 hours after dark, when it more or less clears of most people.
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I know people training for the Marine Corps marathon whose groups meet on the Mall, so I'd say that's the best bet. My gf runs a circuit involving the lower end of Rock Creek Park (between P St and Woodley Park), but only in daylight. There are also bike/jogging paths running from the Key Bridge down to Alexandria along the Potomac and out to Vienna along I-66.
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I see people running the track at Sidwell Friends school (Wisconsin Ave., NW) all the time, but now that school's in session I'm not sure if it's open to the public. I can walk over and check it you wish (I live across the street from it).
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Arco, that would be super cool of you.

I figured the Mall might be okay during daylight hours, but as the days will soon get shorter I expect my friend might want other options. Thanks for the suggestions so far, much appreciated.
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I've never heard of any crime along the Mall, day or night. Especially these days, there are about a thousand police there at all hours. I'd say that's the best bet.
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I used to regularly (6 nights/week) run near the steps below the Lincoln Memorial sometime between 10 pm and midnight, occasionally edging over into the 1:30 am range. Before they closed off the Washington Monument area, I did the same there. In the case of the Washington Monument, after 9/11 I felt especially safe because there was always a patrol car down there, whatever time of night. The POW memorabilia vendors near the Lincoln Memorial basically serve the same function (though I would not run around the track that late -- too far away from them), and these vendors are usually around until around 1 in the morning.
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