Personal trainers who do house visits?
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I want to solicit a personal trainer to come to my father's apartment twice a week and do a session with him in the building's gym. He's too depressed and demotivated to go on his own accord, but he'll comply if someone shows up at his door. How do I do this without paying a fortune? Are there Human Kinetics students around looking for part-time work? How would I go about finding them? There's also a swimming pool, so a swimming instructor would also be possible, but my dad can't swim, so it'd have to be someone patient enough to coach a cranky 57-year-old in swimming.

As I've mentioned above, he's 57, overweight, and thoroughly demotivated. Prone to excusing himself from exercise with bad jokes.
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(per the swimming pool, perhaps water aerobics instead of swimming? Less sweaty, more fun, protective of joints and a good way to get fitter when one is not fit to start with.)

Does your local hospital have a fitness center connected with it? (Some do) Perhaps call them and ask for recommendations? Or call your local college's PE dept?
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Per konolia, I think a lot will depend on whether you have a local university with a phys-ed department, or a local hospital.

Consider calling your city/county rec facilities, or anything off-site that's affordable, and ask whether they know of a senior citizen or reduced rate taxi service that will ferry him to there, where he could join a class. Less convenient, but more social, and if you have someone booked to come to his door and take him at an appointed hour he may be compliant.
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What are your/his standards? Do you need a professional? I'm thinking that, when I was in high school, the school had a team of kids who were interested in the medicine/sports fields who worked with the school's sports teams on athletic training (more from an "injury prevention and recovery" aspect than a coaching standpoint). And of course, you've probably got even more who are college-aged.

So if you don't need someone with a degree or a certified professional, you might be able to get someone who's pretty qualified for $8-10/hour off of Craigslist?
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