Levi's Has Forsaken Me
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What brand of jeans should I buy?

I have been wearing Mens Levi's 527 jeans (low rise, boot cut) for years and they have stopped making my size. What other brands sell jeans of a similar cut in my size? I wear a 31" Waist, 34" Inseam.
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Seriously? No more 527 jeans? Dammit. Now I have to go think about pants again.
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Response by poster: It's not that they don't make 527 anymore, it's that they don't make them in 31x34 any longer.
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You could always buy the 527's in the closest size and take them to a tailor.
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I'd check eBay.
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For whatever reason, odd-numbered sizes are often hard to find in men's clothes.

If it were me, I'd probably just buy 32x34s and wear a belt (or, I suppose, buy 30x34s and figure the waist would stretch a little). You might be more particular about the fit of your pants than I am, though.
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Best answer: Lucky seems to have 30/34 boot cuts on their website. I really like their jeans, as evidenced by the fact that I wear them until they disintegrate.
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I love my pair of Banana Republic bootcut jeans. They have them in your size online, but you'll be paying more than you did for the Levis. Worth it, IMO.
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yeah 31x34 is kinda rare, if you really like the 527s check eBay, I'm sure they have tons left over, more than a few must be your size. if not, switch to Uniqlo, it's good stuff, quite cheap, better made than Levi's, they have different cuts and they carry most sizes.
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Best answer: I second the Lucky Brand Jeans recommendation. They are good jeans in a range of uncommon sizes. It's the only place I've found that does 30x37 (for the first time ever I own jeans that fit!)! Their website has 31x35 and 31x32.5 in low rise boot cut in a range of styles. They're kinda expensive, but last. I think Gap might also have boot cut 31x34s that are cheaper.
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Sheplers (where I've bought jeans before) still has 527s in stock in your size. I suggest buying several pairs and keeping them on ice.
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I've always liked Arizona jeans (www.azjeans.com) which are available at JC Penny, among other places. They appear to be available in your size, and they sell them in lots of colors and styles.
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I have exactly the same problem (in a different line of Levi jeans), so last week I shopped online for places still selling in that size, and bought all I could find. As a bonus, the items are on closeout, so were cheaper. A lot of retailers are under the Amazon umbrella, so check there.
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try truejeans.com - you put in your size and fit preferences and they tell you what would fit you. it's been pretty accurate for me.
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Response by poster: After a long afternoon in SOHO, Lucky came out on top. Their slim boot cut fits just like the Levis 527 (plus $40 of course). Hopefully they'll last!
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The Levi's store in San Francisco will tailor jeans. You might have luck with a large Levi's in your area.
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There's this. I've never tried it, but it's a neat concept.
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