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Recommendations for non-touristy restaurants in or near Cooperstown, NY?

I'll be in Cooperstown from Thursday to Sunday this week and I'm looking for reasonably-priced, good food in the town or within a 30 minute drive. I'm open to diners, bars--any place that has food worth eating. Chowhound couldn't help me. Can you, askme?
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I went to college up near there and used to love Brooks BBQ. The place has been around forever and is a bit of an institution up there. Google maps says it's a 35 minute drive from Coopertown to Oneonta.
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Did you ask on Chowhound or just search for Cooperstown? I ask because I see a number of recommendations for places in this thread (with the caveat that this question was from last year).
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I used to teach at SUNY Oneonta, and YES! BROOKS BBQ! Try the chicken -- it's done with a very different barbecue sauce than you might think. It's a clear sauce, not red. When I first lived up there and ordered the chicken, I looked at my non-red chicken with skepticism. But it's great!

I miss the stuff, *sniff*....
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My friend's mom owns an organic food store there! I don't know if they prepare meals or not, but they are super cool folks, and I'm sure they've got some local goodies if you're into that.
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Response by poster: Well, I thought I searched chowhound, but I didn't see that question. Thanks for pointing that out. Brooks BBQ sounds like a must, and I was thinking of checking out the organic store and I'm glad to hear that they're good people there. Thanks for your help!
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